Unfortunately, few people realize the importance of the gut being in good balance. Add to this the fact that antibiotics kill the bacteria in the gut that is necessary for good digestion, and the yeast/fungus begins to take over leading to the disease Candida. (Antibiotics used by MD's are made from yeast and fungus, so those are not killed, only bacteria, and the balance needed in the gut deteriorates without some attention.) The gut is a major part of the immune system and reactions to allergens are a serious danger to the person.

Here's a basic method of keeping the gut working in good condition. Start with a good probiotic such as Acidophilous (found in the refrigerator at your local health food store in at least 5-8 billion size capsules. Take 5 capsules and wait for two days. See how much methane gas is made from the killing of yeast. It can be very painful with cramps from it. (As a boy, I was once rushed to a hospital with supposed appendicitis. It was a large bubble of gas in that area, and extremely painful.)

If not much gas, go to 10 capsules on the third day, and again wait to see how much gas is made. On the fifth day (if not much gas is felt), then go to 20 capsules every other day for 4 times. Every other day is required to "flush" the killed yeast residue out. Take the 20 capsules with milk products, cheese, yoghurt, or milk.

At this point, your feces should be a very light orange brown, and should not smell nearly as bad. You should have a clean breath, even without brushing, and your underarms do not smell. If you notice bad breath or body odor or your feces starts to smell bad or turn dark, simply do 20 capsules with a meal. I seem to need that process only about once in every 2-3 months.

Here's just two benefits most people (estimated about 70%) in our culture need, and some critically:

1. Your gut bacteria now produce 80% of the vitamin K you need. K is the precursor to two hormones - to clot or not to clot, that is the question. Since most people do not have a "good" working bacteria in the gut, we cannot make enough vitamin K, and that results in not making enough of those two hormones. So, as usual, the brain decides on priority, and since the clotting hormone is most important, the thinning one gets not so much, and people die from blood clots. When you get a small cut, it should run to clean out bacteria from the cut, THEN form a clot to stop the bleeding. People with heart problems that are taking aspirin, coumadin, or warfarin blood thinners often need these because of this non clot hormone shortage. With a good gut working, these dangerous drugs are not usually needed. At 84, I have consistently refused any of these with atrial fib and high blood pressure for some near 30 years. (Now, my NT CD has lowered my blood pressure and use of a metronome has solved my atrial fib in the past few years.

2. The good bacteria in the gut also manufactures the "intrinsic factor" which transports vitamin B12 into the bloodstream. Many women in their 30's and 40's often have high blood pressure due to this. Testing for B12 is inaccurate at best, as it tests for B12 and Folic Acid. The best test is to get a shot of B12, and if you get a "lift", you need B12 supplemented. (This rarely works for men with high BP, but niacin often lowers blood pressure for men.)

The above are only two of the most important things that a good working gut condition gives to you. Add in the benefits of good smelling body odor, and breath odor, lack of athlete's foot and other yeast and fungal infections. And, it's really cheap to do.

For more information on this subject http://drbate.com/content/gut.shtml

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