Your CV is your passport to employment. Do not underestimate its significance. Failing to conduct a CV audit may mean the difference between getting to the interview stage, or going straight to the rejection pile.

A good CV is constructive and professionally written within 3-4 pages only. Your CV must have a tone and personality that is reflective of you and where you want to go in your career.

For public sector employees who have acquired experience in a large number of acting and short term positions, it’s necessary to create a CV that is more ‘private sector friendly’ and interesting to read. The private sector employer will look carefully at the positions you have held and what you contributed during that time. Ultimately, their hiring decision is based equally on your capabilities, and your potential to fit into their team.

Page one of your CV is absolutely paramount. With job searching now dominated by a process that is almost exclusively online, job seekers have around 10 seconds to get the attention of the reader. Get the first page right by following a few simple steps.

a) Include a good career statement: Include an effective professional statement or career profile that is a concise outline of who you are and the edge you have over others. For example,

“An experienced Human Resources Professional with 10 years Human Resources, Employee Relations, IR and Workplace Health & Safety experience.”


“Proven ability to contribute to, and execute HR/OHS strategies, and contribute to strategic and operational level planning of HR procedures and policies relevant to a broad cross section of work environments and industries.”

b) A comprehensive list of your capabilities: Carefully list your key capabilities. They must be distinct strengths that personify your area of expertise and what is most relevant to your target reader. They should be listed in accordance with the key requirements of your preferred occupation.

c) Some points about your personality: These are important and provide an insight into your motivations and what makes you tick. For example, you may consider yourself to be a strong team player who has strong problem solving skills. You may regard yourself as having a high work ethic or having outstanding communication skills.

d) Include the professional accomplishments you’re proud of: These are examples that you have chosen to nominate as defining moments of accomplishment in your career, which occurred as a direct result of your initiative, contribution or management of others. Accomplishments may be tangible or intangible. For example, you may have been nominated by your team for outstanding customer service, increased productivity after initiating and implementing a more streamlined process, or reduced site accidents as a result of more rigorous promotion and education of WH&S procedures.

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