You have been studying ways to improve your life for the better for a year or twenty years. Yet at times, you still find yourself suddenly stumbling upon "bad luck" here and there. Sometimes, you find that you are "stuck" in this state to the point where bringing yourself back to the point in your progress almost scares you. Yet simultaneously you know that you "should not" be like this and as a result, you start building further resentment towards yourself and end up blaming yourself. Which only leads to getting stuck even deeper. So what can you do?
For starters, you can choose to either acknowledge that this is a sign that you really are out of balance somewhere in your thought patterns or you can choose to blame yourself. You will most likely find that the sooner you choose the former, the faster you will find yourself out of this negative state and back where you were in your progress before taking this latest fall. Simultaneously, don’t become attached to certain results or you’ll just end up back in the “stuck” state again. Instead be open to results, acknowledge and work with them as they come.
This is about you taking the initiative and responsibility for your own life, especially when you are in a negative state. Remember neither other people nor the Divine can solve your problems for you; they can only act as guides and give you their advice and conclusions. You are the one who makes the final decisions. After all, we are here to serve the world, not vice versa.
If you choose to constantly blame others, you are actually giving away power that is rightly your own. When we give our power away, we inadvertently invite all sorts of negative and things we don’t desire into our lives. This can arrive in the form of anything from developing a temporary tendency to clumsiness to hallucinations of negative entities. When we close ourselves off, we affect the rest of our surrounding world. Always striving to make progress for the better is important not only for our own well being but also for getting a clearer sense of what our mission in the world is. Therefore, it not only benefits us, it also impacts the whole world for the better.
If you do fall into a negative state (even if it’s in the form of something as small as a throbbing pain somewhere in your body), simply acknowledge it without judgment. As soon as you do, chances are, it will start to go away very fast. After all, a negative state is simply something that is there to grab our attention to something that is out of proper alignment. Also, instead of trying to go full speed ahead with getting back to where you were in your current progress in life, it is best to slowly pull yourself back up. Never force anything on yourself and especially at this point, even though you may be tempted to do so, do not try to take on any new or major projects. Instead, simply do small things (such as watching your usual TV shows or reading a favorite book or magazine) that bring you joy.
The negative states, when looked at properly also make the greatest teachers. They have so much to teach us about ourselves and the world. They are part of our learning process and growth during this lifetime. Unfortunately, in our society, we are conditioned to believe that all flaws are bad and therefore, should just be done away with as soon as they’re noticed. The truth is, every so-called flaw is here to teach us something. It is up to us to figure out what it is. Negative states are no exception.

Author's Bio: 

Lacy S. Pierce has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Art. She has many interests which include spirituality, writing, reading and art. She currently serves as a volunteer for a bookstore, a school mentoring program and a homeless service organization. She also currently works on-call as an interviewer for market research company.