Do you know a person who will do practically anything to get what they want or achieve any goals they have set? Many times, you will see people in this world who will take advantage of others and be totally dishonest just to get ahead in life. They do and say anything and everything to reach the top of the mountain.

You might think this sounds like most politicians and sadly, many of them do embody these characteristics. However, you might be surprised at how many people in your everyday life also ascribe to these principles. You will meet them in business and personal venues. Even worse is the number of people that will be drawn into this type of behavior. Why anyone would sacrifice their values for gain is beyond comprehension.

The best advice you will ever get on success and leading is to align your goals and values. What you do in your day-to-day life can push you higher toward achieving your goals when you get this formula correct. Goals and values much be complimentary and not oppositional if you want to succeed.

Are you struggling with unhappiness and anxiety as you reach for your goals? If so, you may not be any happier even if you are successful at reaching said goals. You cannot pretend to be another person, particularly one you will not like once you get to the top. Imagine how hard it will be for other people to like you if you do not like yourself!

Spend some time considering your goals, define them even. There are all kinds of goals and you will have to determine which are the most important to your family and yourself. In most cases, people list career and monetary achievement when defining the most important goals.

Social standing in your community and material possessions may make the top of your list as well. Just make sure they are all coinciding with your spiritual and personal goals on the journey of life. Balance is the key when you are talking about quality of life over quantity.

What do you stand for? Take a minute to define your personal values. Is loyalty, honesty, thoughtfulness, tolerance or generosity on the top of the list? What pushes you out of bed each day to accomplish your goals? It could be love of God and family, or it could be the driving passion for money and power. Perhaps for you it is the thought of helping others reach their goals.

In order to be truly happy in your personal life and career you should align your goals and your values. Can you fake it? Sure, you can until you actually make it but without your values in place, the victory will be a hollow one. Work hard toward your goals but most importantly be true to whom you are as a person, and then you become the person you should be.

Who are your heroes? Maybe a celebrity exhibits the values you would like to have. There are all types of people who may be living the life you admire including clergy, politicians, athletes and actors. It does not have to be their money you admire, but their character or values.

A hero does not have to be famous they could be a close friend or family member who exudes the character traits you would like to possess. Talk to them about their values and goals, as well as what motivates them and how they align their goals with their values. You will never regret where you are in life or where you end up when you have properly aligned your own values and goals.

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