I often think and wonder about the issue of attraction. In fact, attraction is kind of the basic and most important part of this whole world of dating advice. Our goal as men is to make women feel attracted to us.

Now, although many gurus discuss various "loophole" methods to push a woman's "attraction button", In reality attraction will remain the same: women are attracted to masculine men. In that same way, men are attracted to masculine women.

What is this "masculinity", and how can you convey it to the women your meet? Well, there are many ways. But today I want to talk about one of the most essential – and natural – ways to attract women.

I'm talking about living an attractive, masculine, lifestyle. Such a lifestyle, that will make you naturally attractive to women, without the need to learn any lines, methods and tricks. You will be natural attractive.

Men often ask me, what do women find attractive the most. This is a tough question that probably doesn’t have a direct answer. However, attractive lifestyle is the key to many of the most attractive masculine qualities.

Having Women in Your Life

Women have a slightly different way of communication than men have. Some call it "women from Venus, men from Mars", other would describe as simply different patterns.

Anyway, no matter how you describe the differences between men and women, you need to know how to talk and understand women in order to become an attractive guy.

In fact, a great reason why most men are so terrible with picking up, is because their friends are primarily men – so they don't have much experience with women.

Therefore, an important part of developing an attractive lifestyle is making sure that you have many women around you. Let's begin with your hobbies. A typical man is often interested in sports, cars and video games.

But have you thought about learning to dance? Or practicing Yoga? There are great hobbies that involve women – in fact,
if you go to a Yoga class, you will see mainly women.

Having women around you is important for gaining experience in interacting with women – it will help you understand how women think and behave.

It will also give you an element called "'pre-selection". The fact that you have women around you, makes other women naturally attracted to you – women love men who have other women in their life.

Do Unusual and Interesting Activities

Another important part of building your attractive life, is getting involved in all kinds of unusual activities.

I mean, every can go to the gym or play soccer with friends. But these are things that everyone does.

Instead, choose the unique – what few people do and that you will be able to talk about with women.

A few years ago, I joined a local debate club and learned public speaking – this is unique. And what about mountain climbing? And traveling the world?

By the way, last week I went back from a 1 month trip to Europe and the Middle East, that included train travelling all over east Europe, horseback riding in Israel and Egypt,
diving in the red sea, and much more.

Being attractive means being different from all the average men out there – so do unique staff.

Enrich Your World of Experiences

"We are the sum of our experiences", and our experiences are the are the source for our believes and views. They are also the sources for our stories and conversation topics.

It was Voltaire who said that everything in life is imitation. All we know is from what we learned from others.

Here is probably the best explanation of what having an attractive lifestyle means – simply have as many experiences as you can.

Have many friends, meet new people, have plenty of hobbies. Having many activities and things to do is the best cure for needy men – you can't be needy if you have so much in life.

Author's Bio: 

Richard Liso is a fan of personal improvement. He also owns a blog about dating and attraction for men