In the world of sports, there are different baseball bats making it hard to recognize what their dissimilarities really are. The baseball game today is a lot different from what being played before in which wooden bats were the only option. Now, almost no one uses wooden bats which have largely been replaced by a hollow metal, aluminum or composite bats.

Throughout recent years, aluminum bats have been used in the game. There are various speculations about that switching but the real reason why the wooden bat is replaced by aluminum ones were because metal bats don’t break and that’s greatly economic. Metal bats have something wooden bats can’t provide. However, when an aluminum bats hit the ball, players may suffer unnecessary bounces or spring backs. This is how the BBCOR standard arises.

What BBCOR Bats Really Mean?

What does BBCOR mean? Well, BBCOR is a word that stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. This term does not make anything less confusing since BBCOR bats have been used in school and baseball seasons. BBCOR bats are created to reduce the amount of bounce effect that a player gets when hitting the ball. Bats like these are more efficient than a wooden bat and work better than any other bat does.

The BBCOR standard is the measurement used to assist baseball bat performance. This is done by using inbound and rebound speeds of the ball. Many baseball governing bodies need the new standard because of the felt that non-wood baseball bats denote too hot effect on the player’s hands. The ball was also leaving the bat a certain rate of speed that is too dangerous for the players to handle.

To lessen the problem, a new standard was produced. This standard is also created to make composite and aluminum baseball bats into something better than wooden bats. Today, most especially in the year 2011, there are several youth organizations adopted the BBCOR baseball bat standard and is expected to reduce the poor performance denoted by non-batted bats is sports. With the existence of BBCOR, the baseball performance seems to be at a higher rate.

Importance of BBCOR Bats

The arrival of BBCOR bats provides a lot of advantages to the world of batting games. A wooden bat is good but it needs something to make the play better and that could only be possible with BBCOR bats. A bat that is made from woods can be very heavy and breaks easily. This is the reason why most professional baseball leagues use batted aluminum bats to make the play stay longer while making sure the player is not suffering uncomfortable bats that bat may give during the hit.

An aluminum bat is also much lighter but if it is not following BBCOR standard, it can give some extra bounce. A BBCOR bat is something that can solve the problem. It is lightweight and functions more like a wooden bat that every player can handle. It is very much helpful to keep the playing field level without any distractions. BBCOR bats have been used and required in various high-school, college and professional leagues today.

The biggest implication of BBCOR standard when it comes to actually playing the game is to level the playing field in which the best player will be separated from the average players and thus there will only be fewer home runs. Aside from these, BBCOR bats are also safe and there will be no much trampoline effect as what aluminum bats can give. Bats like these also give more time to respond so pitchers and fielders won’t have a hard time to react and reduce possible game injuries. Moreover, BBCOR bats don’t break or fall apart so you don’t have to pay too much while reducing the risk of injuries in the field.

BBCOR bats are packed with a barrel that must not exceed 2 5/8 inches in diameter and are required to maintain a weight to length ratio of minus 3 at the most or else the player may not be comfortable with the equipment.

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