What is a building facade?

A building facade refers to one side, usually the front, of the building. It is an intrinsic piece to the overall design of the structure, as it adds a dash of unique personality and character to it.

Facade design ideas

If one is planning to merge well with the surroundings, opt for mirrored facades. These have a unique effect of reflecting on the surroundings while still having the essence of idiosyncratic.

One can easily achieve communication transparency with the help of proper facade design. If the public can “see-through” the building then it can engender the feeling of trust. This type of design is ideal for government and financial companies.

Importance of building facade in architecture are-

Acts as a shield and barrier against external factors: Just like how human bodies need clothing, the same way we dress building according to context. For instance, if the climate is harsh, the front facade design has to adapt to the situation and that can be done with the help of materials, techniques, systems etc.

Value addition and identity: While a facade design is just the front part of a building, it also reflects the personality of the architect. Several top architects in Delhi assert that having a building facade which is well thought of can give it mileage against detrimental buildings.

Plays a significant role in energy efficiency: Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also plays a huge part in energy efficiency and seamlessly linking the exterior to interiors of the building. Moreover, the facade can help in reducing the energy bills. Wondering how? Well, the facade minimizes solar gain which in return minimises the cooling loads of the building and that leads to minimal energy bills.

Helps provide acoustic insulation: According to several top architects in Bangalore, a well-structured façade's external skin provides a high degree of acoustical comfort to its occupants when compared to the conventional building. With an acoustic comfort, you don’t have to worry about air exchange, ventilation, and visual connection getting compromised.

Closing note

Getting facade construction right is extremely pivotal as they can affect the structures lighting, heating, lighting and ventilation. Although there are several factors which require to be considered in the building facade, the most important is picking the right material.

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