Selecting the right school bags online for your children is binding. According to a recent research, it has been found that some children are carrying heavy school bags that weigh more than 20% of their body weight, which is almost equal to a 70KG adult carrying a 15KG bag around 5 days a week. This huge amount of weight sensibly causes a great deal of pressure and strain on a child’s backbone. We have also noticed that a number of students try to carry their school bag on one shoulder, in additionally strains the shoulder, causing an uneven load on the spine and resulting in adverse consequences.

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As a parent, if you’re unable to notice the weight of your kids school bag, you must start noticing the warning signs like the change in the posture when wearing school bag, struggling to put it on or take it off, feeling uneasy and painful while wearing it, headaches, shoulder aches and numbness in the body, all these are the potential signs that indicate a severe concern. Every parent should try and notice these signs and the moment you site anything like this, you must take action.

Below mentioned are some tips for children at school and even at home. Take a look.

1. Children should immediately take off their school bags if there’s no need of carrying them on. For example, if a child is standing in the playground, there’s no need to carry the bag on, so the child must take it off and put it in the ground or on a bench.

2. Children must not swing their school bag to put it on; this might hurt someone else and cause the damage to the child’s shoulder or back muscles.

3. While wearing a school bag, a child should bend at the knees and squat down to lift up the bag close to the body. This reduces strain on the strain and lessens the risk of damage.

4. School bag must be worn properly and correctly, so that there is even pressure on both the shoulders. Some children carry the bag carelessly, dangling from one shoulder, which make cause severe back pain and even damage the spine due to the continuous pressure on the spine. Parents must keep a check on this.

5. Children should make it a habit of setting their timetable every day without fail. Also, only the necessary books should be kept in the bag and the rest should be left at home. Don’t carry all the books, all the time.

6. While packing the bag, children should put the heaviest books first to make a balance. Also, keep everything in one bag rather than carrying multiple bags.

7. Children should never ride a cycle with their bag on the back, especially if the bag doesn’t have a waist belt. Use a bag rack instead.

8. Children should stand up straight while carrying their school bag.

9. It has been noticed that active students are able to carry the school bag more correctly as their muscles are stronger. So, make sure your child stay’s active and not lethargic.

10. Children with overweight end up with extra strain on the spine, knees and hips, therefore it is advisable to keep your child’s weight under control.

These were some important tips that parents and children should obey together. This can help relieve your child of the back pain that is widely spreading these days due to the heavy weight of baby school bags. Buy good baby school bags online to ensure their good health and safety.

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