Even if you are very good with your oral care, you brush two to three times a day, floss at least three times a week, you will still find that over time plaque can still form. While your efforts are important at keeping the plaque to low levels, only regular trips to a dentist Indiranagar or close to you for proper cleaning can ensure your teeth stay in their best shape.

Initial stains

The first sign that plaque is becoming a problem is the yellow staining that happens, sometimes on just one or two, sometimes on several or even all. Plaque happens when food particles are not brushed or flossed from your teeth. Over time that plaque build-up can form into tartar which is when high levels of plaque react to saliva. Tartar is harder to deal with. To avoid it or help prevent it, brush after every meal when possible and floss regularly and have regular dental cleaning.

Tartar taking hold

When tartar forms this is still something that can be treated, it is just a bit harder and takes more help from the dentist. Tartar if ignored can lead to gum inflammation known as gingivitis and very bad breath. If you still ignore these signs that can lead to tooth decay and disease which ultimately can mean you lose the teeth completely. See a dentist in Indiranagar or where you are and they can help repair the damage and get you back to a healthy oral situation.

Dental teeth cleaning

When you are taking excellent care of your gums and teeth you might need dental cleaning just once or twice a year. If there is more work to do then that is probably going to go up. The process of dental cleaning has gotten a lot better in recent years and in some cases, one visit can be enough to get your teeth gleaming.

There is ultrasonic equipment being used today, and not only does this clean better than the old-style hand instruments, but it is also quicker too. A dental clinic in Indiranagar using this can also ensure the areas beneath your gum line are better cleaned with less discomfort. It works by generating high speed but gentle vibrations that are ultrasonic and is painless. Unless you have gum damage in which case your dentist will numb the area, there is no need even for a local anesthetic.

When the first cleaning process is complete toothpaste and a rotary machine are usually used to take care of any remaining plaque. Polishing the tooth also helps prevent future plaque build-up. Then they will floss between your teeth and take care of any plaque in hard to reach places.


Dental cleaning is an important part of good oral maintenance. See your dentist in Indiranagar about when you should schedule your sessions and discuss with them how many you need before you can go down to the once or twice a year option.


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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.