I'm sure that you've heard stories about women dating and falling in love various jerks and maniacs who totally mistreat them. And despite the guy's behavior, a woman might continue meeting, and even worse – begging him to stay with her.
You probably wonder – why do women agree and want to date such guys? It definitely seems like there is no logical explanation to this.

In this post, I would like to explain what causes totally normal women to keep dating those "bad boys", and what you can learn from this to increase your attractiveness in the eyes of women.

Emotions VS Logic

There are 2 main types of forces that affect and motivate us. These forces can be divided into Logic and Emotions.
As men, we tend to have a very logical base, and that's what mainly affects our behavior. However, and this was also shown by many studies, women tend to be different than men.
It's not that they have a different brain, but the effect off Feelings and Emotions on women is much stronger than on men.
Of course, men can sometimes be very emotional, and women can be very logical as well, but the difference between the sexes is clear, and is one of the causes for the " Women from Venus, Men from Mars" effect.
When a woman prefers a jerk over a "good guy", her logical mind knows that he's a jerk, but her emotional side has a different opinion.

Unlike other guys, jerks simply know how to trigger her emotions. It's all about how he makes her feel.

It's Impossible to Convince Her to Fall in Love

Sexual attraction is an example for a feeling that has nothing to do with logics. Both men and women don't decide to be attracted. It's a feeling that just happens.

In the same way, you can't convince a woman to fall in love with you. No matter how much you would explain to a woman why she should date you – she still needs to feel this love and attraction.

So stop thinking about convincing her to like you. Instead, make efforts and follow techniques and methods to trigger her feelings.

Adding Emotions

What jerks are very good at doing, is mixing and provoking all kinds of feelings and emotions in women.

They might tell a girl that they love her, then change their mind and totally mistreat her, than get her cry, then again give her positive emotions. This blending and mixing of emotions seems to most men as bad treatment (and it is indeed), but yet women find it extremely attractive.

As we began this article, men are in average very logical. But there is a good lesson you should learn from guys who are successful with women, even if they are jerks.

You should begin by adding feelings and emotions into your conversations with women. Instead of only talking about facts and events, try to talk about what everything makes you (and her) feel. Add emotions into your words.

In addition, learn how to talk to women and trigger a woman's emotions. Don’t be rude to her, but know how to give her all kinds of emotions, sad and happy, relaxed and angry. Don't be a jerk, but you can still be attractive to women.

The Tip of the Iceberg

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Richard Liso is a fan of personal improvement and developing success skills. He also writes in his blog about dating and attraction for men.