In today’s world, life without appliances is practically unimaginable. Can you imagine living without your television, microwave, or your air conditioner? Of course not!
Appliances are now an integral part and parcel of human life that people take for granted. The importance of appliances only dawn upon people when they suddenly malfunction and one finds themselves calling a home appliance repair service
Faulty appliances require the assistance of a professional and licensed repair expert who can fix the fault once and for all.
All in all, the importance of appliances in human life is irreplaceable. Keep reading to find out more.
The General Household Appliances
The most common appliances are household appliances that generally go by the name of home appliances. The purpose of any home appliance is to make human life easier and reduce labour.
If you ask about some of the common home appliances then they include appliances related to cleaning, cooking, and food storage.
The most common appliances can be categorized into three main categories; small appliances, major appliances, and consumer appliances. We will discuss them one by one below.
The Small Household Appliances
Small household appliances are also known as small electronics that are generally featured with portability and handheld use. These appliances can function on small or tiny surfaces such as tables, cooking tops, counters, etc.
Some of the common small house appliances include the following:
● The vacuum cleaning machine and carpet cleaning devices
● Hot water kettles, coffee machine, and juicers
● Clothing iron or steam press machine
● Smart assistant home entertainment system such as portable speakers powered with Alexa
● Table lamps
● Electric fans and heaters for indoor temperature management
● Toaster, waffle maker, sandwich maker, microwave oven, etc
● Bedroom refrigerator and water dispenser
Ice maker repair

All of the above appliances increase the overall functionality in human life and help decrease human labour.
The Major Household Appliances
The next category of appliances is the major household appliances that are relatively bigger in size and help in housekeeping tasks. Generally, the major appliances are powered by electricity or some type of fuel. Since they are large in size, the major appliances are not portable.
Major home appliances are also found as fixtures in the home and are now featured as part of the home construction.
If you do some research, you will get to know that major home appliances also go by the name of “white goods” but back in the 20th century, the major appliances were designed using white-coloured steel.
Some of the common major household appliances include the following:

● Cooking range or cooking countertops for preparing meals
● Washing machines and dryers to cater to the laundry needs
● The deep freezer and fridge for food storage
● Dishwasher for washing dirty dishes with no manual labour
● Electric water heater or air conditioner to manage the temperature of the water and indoor climate with varying seasons
What is Consumer Electronics?
Consumer electronics include a home entertainment system, leisurely activities, and appliances related to establishing communication in residential areas.
Moreover, consumer electronics also go by the name of “brown goods”. The term is used to differentiate these appliances from the “white goods”. With every passing year, the consumer electronic industry is rapidly growing to serve the following growing needs of the consumers:
● The entertainment electronics include appliances like television, media systems, home theatres, DVD players, smart home entertainment, sound systems, etc.
● The recreational electronics include gaming consoles like Xbox, 3-D games, virtual games like golf, etc.
● The communication devices include mobile phones, landline phones, tablets, computers, etc. These are the most commonly used electronic appliances by consumers.
Why should one repair appliances rather than replacing them?
By now you should know that life without appliances is unimaginable now. Appliances play an integral role in all our lives.
Consumer electronics are in fact used all day round to establish communication while the major appliances help prepare meals daily meals. Of course, one cannot survive without food, right?
The gist is that appliances are inculcated deep in our lives, in fact, even while reading this you are using an appliance! Right?
So, what happens when suddenly an appliance malfunction? Would you throw it away and go get a new one or think about fixing it? Appliances are not cheap; it is a long-term investment. Hence, it is only fair to not give up on a faulty appliance and give repairs a chance.
If you do not wish to go bankrupt any time soon, think about repairing rather than replacing. Repairs will cost you far less than buying a new appliance. Go for a new appliance when your old one is at the end of its lifespan.
Why hire a professional appliance repair expert
Never try to attempt DIY repairs on your appliances especially if you have no proper experience or knowledge. You will end up doing more damage than good. And then you will definitely find yourself spending money on a new appliance.
It is better to rely on the skills of a professional who knows what he is doing and will not cause further damage to your goods.

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