Once you have decided upon your niche you then need to research keywords so as to be able to get your site more recognition. Many novice entrepreneurs make the common error of selecting their niche and then building their website without any thought whatsoever to any type of keyword research.

Those that understand the benefits of properly chosen keywords also realize the importance of keyword research because there is an undeniable link between the traffic you get and the keywords you use. Doing correct keyword research affords you the opportunity of getting the attention of your target audience because the keywords are likely to be the ones they use when they utilize a search engine.

Keyword research helps to get your site or blog positioned at the top of the search engine results and this way contributes to increased traffic. When you are targeting keywords it's important to remember that even small things, like make a word plural, can make a huge difference.

For example, if your niche is the training of pets it is vital to know that the word ‘dog' gets 45 million searches each month while the plural, ‘dogs' gets much less, 16 million in fact.

The objective is to choose keywords that will get the most searches per word. In other words you want to choose words that have little competition but a lot of searches. You can choose to pay for keyword tools such as Market Samurai in order to help you along but free alternatives such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool exist that will still get the info that you need in order to drive traffic to your site or blog.

If you choose the wrong keywords you will lose out on traffic and that means that you will also be losing out on potential sales. Of course using the wrong keywords doesn't mean you won't drive traffic to your site but chances are the people who do visit are probably not inclined to purchase what you are offering. Therefore your keywords that you choose need to be relevant to your target audience.

In the process of building your website be sure to use the keywords not only in the body of text but also in the titles. When you choose the name for your website choose one or more keywords in the URL as well.

It is important that you bear in mind that the better your search engine optimization (SEO) is, the higher your website will rank when the search engines display the results. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of naming their pages incorrectly most of the time.

You need to be specific. Avoid an ‘About' page. In keeping with our earlier example of pet training you should rather have an ‘About Pet Training' page. Also, when you put up a contact page or box use keyword phrase there also such as, "Contact me for more info on pet training". This helps you to use additional keywords.

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