Love relationships are very important in everyone’s life. If you have traumatic love relationships when you are young, you’ll face tragic future situations. If you have no love relationships at all, you’ll develop a dangerous complex. You may even become mentally ill.

Love is in fact very dangerous. When you are in love, you cannot control your behavior. You cannot respect your moral principals. You become a slave of your feelings.

This is why the unconscious mind that produces your dreams sends you many dreams with objective information about the person you love.

You have many advantages in life when you are able to translate the meaning of dreams before getting married. The unconscious mind helps you find your perfect match, and have a perfect love relationship.

Wish I knew everything I know today when I was very young. However, at that time I was only gradually discovering the importance of the dream messages.

I had a warning about my husband in a dream before getting married, but I didn’t believe that dreams should be trusted. I didn’t know how to translate the meaning of dreams at that time. However, the warning was so clear that anyone could easily understand it.

This happened because dreams about love are not as symbolic as dreams about our mental health.

I should have listened to the voice that told me in a dream that my husband wouldn’t love me for long. His love had a very short duration because he only wanted to take advantage of my naïve character. My husband was looking for a wife who would help him succeed in life. He never really loved me. He was an actor.

When I started having daily fights with him, I remembered the dream I had advising me that my husband’s love would have a short duration. This fact helped me understand that I had to pay attention to dream warnings. My marriage was one of the worst mistakes I made in my life.

I didn’t love my husband either. He was a very good friend who insisted very much on having a love relationship with me. In the end I decided to give him a chance.

This marriage couldn’t have a happy end. It was based on mistakes and lies.

However, I couldn’t understand this truth at that time. I was very ignorant, and I used to believe in unreal things. I was a slave of my rational psychological type. In other words, only my ideas were important for me. I belonged to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts. I had no feelings. I was totally insensitive.

My husband was a slave of his psychological type too. He belonged to the extroverted psychological type based on intuitions. He could guess the future development of reality, especially concerning business deals. He was always pursuing new money-making opportunities, but he didn’t want to work too long on his plans.

Our personalities didn’t fit together; we were totally different. However, we couldn’t understand our own absurdity for deciding to get married. We thought we could shape our lives the way we wanted to.

There are many couples that make similar mistakes, for different reasons. There are people who are slaves of their feelings, and cannot logically understand that the person they love is not the ideal one for them. Other people care only about sexual pleasure, without paying attention to their inner feelings. I could give you numerous examples of love relationships based on false impressions and lies.

If you'll seriously think about all the mistakes you could make in life, you'll clearly understand that there are too many dangers threatening your happiness. A tragic love relationship can ruin your life and your mental stability forever.

You need protection.

I advise you to study the meaning of dreams about love because they are very simple, and this precious knowledge will save your life. Learn everything you can about the person you love before getting married. Learn also everything you can about yourself. You’ll never find authentic happiness by chance.

I became a psychiatrist and psychologist for being able to help everyone find sound mental health by obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams. I’m only a human being, but the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin.

The first ones I wanted to help when I started working online were the most desperate ones. I started helping people who wanted to commit suicide, especially young people who abuse their bodies. Self-abuse is one of the worst mental disorders existent today. It affects teenagers and young adults.

I had various conversations with teens who abuse their bodies. I also translated the dreams of a few of them.

They don’t accept advice, and they don’t want to follow psychotherapy.

I understood that I would only be able to help these teens by helping their parents. This is why I decide to work on helping everyone find love and happiness in life before getting married.

Everything begins with a marriage, this fatal step in everyone’s life.

When the couple is not happy together, their children won’t learn how to be happy, but develop mental illnesses and mental disorders. Everyone is very vulnerable to mental illnesses because we inherit a totally absurd primitive conscience into the biggest part of our brain.

I know that you don’t want to think about depression now that you are young, and you have many beautiful plans. However, there are many hidden traps in your journey.

You can very easily lose your mental stability, form a problematic family, and then, have depressed children. Pay attention to this fact, and care about eliminating all the possibilities of failure from your destiny. You have this power if you obey the unconscious wisdom.

Don’t make ridiculous mistakes for being a slave of your psychological type. Don’t let your primitive conscience control your behavior. Find your perfect match before getting involved with the wrong person.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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