I guess there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to music, so where do I start?

Well, music is important to everyone, whether they know it or not. It could be their favourite band or their favourite jingle or even a holiday song that they really like, or maybe the sound of birds in the morning; it doesn’t matter, they’re all music. But how important exactly is music?

Whether you know it or not, music is a vital thing! Like the simple stuff you listen to every morning in the shower can really set your mood for the day. Haven’t you realized that whenever you’re listening to the radio and a sad song comes on, even if you had an incredible day, for that moment you would get into the sad feeling of that song and maybe even sing along? After that, you may resume being incredibly happy or you might get your mood switched to a slightly more negative one. All through the power of music!

Whatever you listen to, you program into your head and it goes straight into your subconscious mind (psssst... for more about the conscious and subconscious mind, check out www.ascendancepro.com), even bypassing your conscious mind! Music gets programmed into you easily, so what happens when you’re the type of person that constantly listens to break-up songs or just enjoy listening to emo music?

I can’t say I was far from that situation really. I used to listen to every type of music, especially ones on the slightly emo side. What I did not realize was that I was programming whatever I listened to or sung into my head! How’s that a bad thing? Well, when a seed gets planted, over time, it grows into a huge tree. The same works for when something is programmed into your mind. I did not realize it at the time, but I was pretty emo, even when nothing bad was really happening. And since I was sending out emo vibrations, like what the Law of Vibrations and Attractions say (www.ascendancepro.com), I attracted a bunch of emo people too and we were all being emo together happily.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, after I went for a couple of ET Youth sessions (www.Facebook.com/ETYouth), Elango mentioned about how music gets programmed into you. And although I did not take it very seriously at the time, I slowly reduced listening to these “emo” songs. Slow change, remember(http://ascendancepro.tumblr.com/search/change+begins+with+small+steps)?

Since music is a crucial thing in our life, I surely had to replace this empty void where emo songs used to be. I started listening to more inspirational and uplifting stuff, or even songs about just having fun. I do occasionally sing along to songs about love but that is because I feel that emotion at that time and by singing those songs, I can kinda let the emotion pass. And another thing, my environment started changing after this slow change started to set in. Although I do meet the occasional emotional person, most people I hang out with now (www.ET-Ideas.com) are working on their goals and following their Hearts, and so am I!

My environment started changing without me even realizing it because all this programming was in my subconscious mind and that’s how powerful music can be. It totally affects you without you even realizing. And by making the small change of changing the songs I frequently listened to, I managed to change my environment without feeling much difference, because all the work was done by the music I listened to in my subconscious mind!

You shouldn’t be afraid of listening to music now, but you should be slightly cautious, I suppose, as the music you listen to really does reflect the type of person you are in the inside. Also, think about it this way. You weren’t aware of the powers of music and how it programs your mind, so now that you do know, you can turn this situation around and use this information to make whatever you’re listening to part of your goals, so that it aids you in achieving your goals. Now, wouldn’t it be awesome to have this powerful thing call Music help you in achieving your goals? (*insert winky face*)

- Heerraa

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