According to West Ridge Academy, rebellion has become part of growing up among many teenagers today. Experts even claim that brief stretches of rebellion may even be healthy for adolescents, but that it should not go overboard otherwise it will pose a serious threat to themselves as well as to those who are around them. Due to this, experts are advising parents not to disregard any signs of rebellion from their teens and act as swiftly as possible in order to address any lingering concerns that their teens may have during this often confusing stage of their lives.
Is Communication Enough?

Would you like to learn what is the top reason for reported teen rebelliousness? It’s actually the lack of open and positive communication with their parents. Indeed, it's no doubt the lack of a healthy, frequent talk with their parents that teens resort to rebellion just to catch their attention. Now, ask yourself, “Why is my child going through this rebellion and pushing me away when I want to actually talk to him and spend time with him? " As the parent, you have the mandate to guide him to a better adolescent period, which is to say, you have to spend more time with your teen and communicate as much as possible. Admittedly, this is often easier said than done.

The Positive Effects of Good Communication

You may ask, how does good communication help in dealing with your rebellious teen? Here are the positive effects of an open communication policy with your child according to West Ridge Academy:

1. Gets you closer to them. Do you still remember the time when your teen was still a child and he thought the whole world of you, as if his entire life actually revolved around you? Believe it or not, but that was only about ten or so years ago! It was surely a great feeling for you as his parent, so why don’t you try and bring back the old days? Go on and let him express what he feels as an adolescent, and ask him about the good memories that still linger in his mind coming from his childhood days. Afterwards, let him know that it's alright to hear these kinds of things from him. This will let him realize that you actually still treasure him despite the fact that he's been acting stubborn and rebellious of late.

2. Hones your teen's listening skills. If you make a constant effort to talk to your teen as often as possible, then sooner or later he's going to come to a point when he will eventually develop into a good listener, which will make him capable of following through on the instructions that you, his teachers, and other authority figures in his life have been teaching him all along.

3. Helps your teen recognize certain social elements, both verbal and non-verbal. Even though your teen may not recognize the efforts that you or the other people with authority in his life are doing to reach out to him because he may be in the mood of, "Nobody really cares about me." If you start talking to him regularly and bond with him, he will eventually learn how to socialize with other people; and will learn how to properly respond to certain social situation's or when confronted by certain behaviors of other people.

As hard as it is may be for you to believe right now, but teens don't deliberately act rebellious because they dream of becoming thugs someday. The real cause why they're acting rebellious when you dig down deep is that these teens are actually desperate for their parents attention, to the point where they are willing to purposefully break some rules, or even skip classes and do all sorts of negative things, just to get your attention and hear their desperate pleas for your time, love and care. West Ridge Academy encourages you that it’s time to start over with your child and start an open and meaningful communication line with him.

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