you might be thinking that you are already aware of the importance of self confidence but actually self confidence has an effect on some aspects of your life that you might have never thought of, for example:

-Depression happens because of the combination of genetics and changes in the external environmental factors and one of the strongest external factors that can cause depression is lack of self confidence!! After all depression happens because of the lack of coping abilities and lack of self confidence is one of the things that makes the person believe that his coping abilities can never save him.

-if you became self confident then criticism won’t affect you at all, the main reason we feel bad after someone criticizes us is that we are not really sure whether what they said about us is true or not. For example if were wearing a stained shirt and a friend of yours told you that its stained you won’t feel that bad but if you were wearing your normal clothes and someone told you that you look odd you might feel really bad.

-The more confident you are the less bas you will feel when being rejected, some people never recover from breakups because they feel worthless after the rejection and not because they loved that person. The same goes for job interviews, a person might feel depressed after a job interview because he things that he is no good and not because he needed the job so badly.

-The more confident you are the less anxiety you will experience. Anxiety comes when you are not sure about the outcome what you are doing and if you were confident enough you won’t have felt anxious

-Stress can be the result of low self confidence, being unsure of your ability to finish your work on time or being unsure of your ability to deal with your life problems can result in stress.

-The more confident you become the less jealous you will feel. Jealousy Is the feeling we get when we sense that we are being threatened by another competitor, had we been confident enough to know that we are not threatened we won’t have felt jealous.

-The more confident you are the more attractive you will appear to be. Research has proven that people who are confident are perceived to be much more attractive by their peers than their non confident friends.

-People fall in love with those who have complementary traits, and since most of the people lack self confidence a humble confident person attracts friends and lovers.

-And lots more, you will take more risks, you will become more convincing, you will become more successful and you will become much happier.

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