“I want to feel included” says Sunita, a Homemaker in her late 40s, who wishes to travel abroad to vist
her daughter in the US but is marooned with self-doubts. Although she is super excited to attend her
daughter’s convocation, she feels anxious and presurrised to learn the language of global people. She
wishes to now pick up conversational abilities to interact, travel independently and be included in her
daughter’s world for these months with the help of English language.

Language is one of the ways of communication used by human beings. It is also a medium through which
most of our knowledge is acquired. English is a language commonly spoken by around 840 million
people in the world. The world is shrinking day by day and globalisation has touched almost all the
corners and crannies of the world. With this rises a dire demand of the hour to learn English in today’s
modern and millennial time.

Here are 10 reasons why learning spoken English would be the best decision you ever make.

1. An ocean of knowledge

Knowledge is power and education is wealth. English is the language of science which is an
important tool of knowledge attainment. The latest research in science, technology and almost
everything today happens in English. Therefore, almost all the students from various countries
study all their subjects in the English language. If you do not know the language, you are denying
yourself the power and the wealth.

2. Language of business

As the world becomes more global, big businesses will want to spread out their wings and reach
out to global clients. Being able to communicate with foreign clients and business partners will
help to provide you a more challenging and respectable position in your career growth. Lack of
English communication skills will deprive you of various job opportunities.

3. Language of internet

According to a report by Education First, almost 52% of the world’s most visited websites are
displayed in the English language. Learning English is thus important as it gives access to over
half of the content on the internet and also to billions of pages of information which may not be
available otherwise.

4. Language of entertainment

Many of the world’s top films, books and music are published and produced in English. Hence,
by learning English, you gain access to a great wealth of entertainment and will be able to have
a greater cultural understanding.

5. Respect, Inclusivity and confidence building

English speakers are given a respectable position in the Indian societies. The efforts put forth by
a non-native individual to speak in English is certainly appreciable and hence it helps to earn a
lot of respect in the society. This will not only help you feel more confident but also included in
group connects. As people seek common grounds, English language becomes the language of
the hearts and bring people closer and more connected! Like Sunita will be able to communicate
better at her daughter’s important milestone.

6. Easy travelEnglish being widely spoken in most of the counties of the world, a good grasp of spoken English
will help you to communicate better with people anywhere in the world, thus making your
travel easier.

7. Easy to learn

Since English is a widespread language, there are an endless amount of resources that can be
used to learn English, just at your fingertips. Also, today’s Millenial and Zen Z are ready to take
the plunge towards more and more engaging techiques than the classic methods of learning

Spoken English can never be learnt by studying in the conventional method. Your only aim would then
be to score good grades in the English subject. English cannot be considered just like any other class of
science or mathematics. It should be taught just like you were taught to speak and use your mother

The first step of learning spoken English is to start thinking in English. Your thoughts are what you speak.
Learning to think in English will make you a more confident speaker because you will speak more
fluently, naturally and with less hesitation. Exposing yourself to the English language by way of listening
to a lot of English conversations will help you to learn spoken English. The more you listen, the better
your spoken English. Building up your vocabulary by inculcating reading as a habit will help you to
strengthen your language. A continuous and persistent attempt to speak English without worrying about
the errors holds the major key to unlock the doors of English communication skills. Engaging yourself
deliberately into group interactions/debates/public speaking will mould you to be a better English

Learning is a never ending process. With English widespread around the world, learning it will serve as
an invaluable tool of communication and its importance has only grown exponential. English thus has
become an indispensable global language and learning it will give you a chance to be on the world

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