It is a known fact that sport is an integral part of any school’s curriculum. The educational benefits are well-known. But when it comes to boarding day boarding school in delhi ncr and their students, sports cannot assume a lesser priority than any other activity in any way. Thus, boarding schools must have the best sports infrastructure. The choices must also be abundant so that all students of all comfort levels can take part. Living and studying right inside the same boundary limits the student’s scope of physical movement and sport is the only way to stay fit and healthy. In boarding schools, sport is more than just imperative. It is essential for the efficient development of all students.

Why boarding school students need sports more?

Imagine the residential setting of any of the top 10 schools in Sonepat. The hostels will be within the perimeter of the school’s compound and students of similar ages will be living together sharing rooms. This leads to two effects. One, boarding school students do not have to travel daily to school from their homes. And two, they are not sharing their home with their family who is almost always protective of the child. Lack of travel limits physical movement while the lack of a family creates emotional stress.

Sports can counteract both. Through sports, students can get their daily dose of physical exercise that is crucial for both their motor and soft skill development. And by indulging in various sports with the same peers that they live with, a sense of companionship develops that diminishes the absence of the family. Children have more energy than adults. They need daily exercise to spend that energy. With sports, boarding school students not only go out and exercises, but they also tend to their emotional needs with physical activity, fitness, playing with peers and more.

Other benefits of sports for boarding school students

  1. An excellent way to learn outside the classroom

Sports are more than just about the game. Sports can teach children leadership and physics. Hence, the right infrastructure allows the teachers to take the lessons out of the classrooms and break the monotony of daily routine which, in turn, helps to engage the students better. Additionally, learning through an activity creates experiences that are easier for the mind to memorise than simple text. Regular indulgence in sports basically changes the scenery frequently where students continue to learn.

  1. Sports improve attention

The hippocampus region of the brain is responsible for most of our understanding and knowledge retention. The better it is developed, the higher are the students’ performance scores. One of the best ways to develop the hippocampus is physical activity and the other way is to get quality sleep. Sport helps both and thus, it improves attention, focus and concentration in the class. The Brain Research journal recently linked the cardiovascular activity of sports to the quality development of the hippocampus.

  1. Mastery of 21st-century skills

Teamwork, determination, coping with failure, continuous learning, thinking outside the box and leading from the front – boarding school students can pick these up effectively while playing a sport. This is why the list of boarding school in delhi ncrencourages all its students to engage in multiple sports as every match teaches the essential 21st-century skills in tandem. And the lessons are never theoretical. Students get in the field, make mistakes, learn through intrinsic motivation and come out as the winner.

  1. Healthy competition

The best of minds needs some competition to develop right. And sport is the channel through which students can engage in healthy competition without getting too competitive. Sure, there will be competition among opponents but good competition within the team enables everyone to perform better. This sense of competition learned through sports shows in the classrooms as well. Students learn to set high ambitions, try to achieve through sheer determination and perform at standards that surpass their own.

The sports infra define a boarding school

You can judge the ambiance and productivity of a boarding school just by looking at its sports infrastructure. The multi-purpose sports complex of Swarnprastha Public School stands as a towering example. The facilities are world-class. The options are varied. SPS students can engage in soccer, cricket, athletics, tennis, billiards, skating, shooting, yoga, basketball, swimming, badminton and more.

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The courts are Olympic size and the coaches are veterans. Students here not only pursue a sport and take home every benefit that science says sport has. Boarding schools with an elaborate sports infrastructure have the curriculum that students need to survive the 21st-century. There is no room for compromise when it comes to education and sports.