It is important that every building has an EWS1 survey as this is the mainframe for ensuring the fire safety of a building.

An EWS1 survey is a survey that assesses all of the external walls to ensure that there is no fire risk to the building and identifies any remedial action that needs to be taken with it.

  1. Cladding

It is important that you have a cladding survey as it can be a major cause of fires within apartment blocks. Cladding goes inside a wall and works as a form of both thermal and sound insulation however there had been a lot of developing regulations regarding the use of cladding as if it is not the correct type it can cause fires to spread and start at a drastic rate.

  1. Remedy

The purpose of a survey is to check the standards of things within the home and suggest any improvements that need to be made. When you have a cladding survey, it doesn’t benefit the surveyor to suggest work that needs doing to you, it simply benefits you as it will make your home safer.

Identifying problems that need to be rectified is a far better option than having a fire and then looking back and thinking what could have been done in hindsight. Remedial action is by far a better option as it promotes safety and prevents fires from happening.

  1. Surveys

The purpose of surveys is to identify and problems or potential fire risks within a building and points out what actions can be taken in order to prevent a fire. Cladding survey are important as they analyse the cladding in a building and work out the best ways to adapt the cladding in your building so that it is less likely to cause a fire or spread a fire if one is to occur.

  1. New house

When you are buying a new house, it is important that you have surveyors come in to check over the building so that you can be sure that it is a safe house to live in. Often when flats are sold, due to the old-style cladding, they can be hard to pass through a surveyor as many frown upon the old styles of cladding.

  1. Cost

It is far more cost effective to iron out any problems before you move into a house as the cost that fire damage can cause is a lot more costly than any preparatory actions can cost.

The cost of fire damage is considerably more than the cost of installing correct cladding and it can even be worthwhile finding a different house to live in if your surveyor deems the cladding unfit for purpose. Surveying is the last stage that people go through before they purchase a house or flat and this is an important stage as it can be the deal breaker when it comes to whether or not to buy and alter the house or to find an easier property.

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