If you are in are in the process of deciding to get help for your eating disorder then you have come to the right place. I had struggled with developing a healthy relationship with food for many years. Before I could be free from the cycle of dieting and binge eating I had to change many aspects of my life. The first thing I needed to do was learn what was triggering my dependence on food, as well as how to get through my past hurts.

One way to achieve both of these goals is to begin therapy that is specifically designed for those with an eating disorder. Having a specialized therapist is important, as they know specific techniques and skills that are unique to people with an eating disorder. When finding a therapist it is important to find someone who you trust and feel that you can build a bond together. This is important because the therapist will be the safe person with whom you can share all of your emotions.

You have the ability to talk with the therapist prior to starting sessions. This can help you decide if this person is right for you. If you at any point begin to feel that the therapist is not right for you, then reconsider your options. However, it is important to note that many people begin to resist the therapist as they start diving into deep emotional issues. Always be conscious of your motivations. You can find a good therapist through many different private and community resources.

If you have insurance, then finding a therapist can be as simple as calling your provider and obtaining a list of therapists that accept your insurance. Along with outpatient services, you can also look into inpatient and day program depending on the severity of your eating disorder. A medical professional can help you determine the right choice for you. Many community organizations have programs that work specifically with women. Many times, they offer a reduced fee or a sliding scale payment from women coming in to receive outpatient services.

So now that we have covered how to obtain a therapist, you may be wondering why you should seek therapy for an eating disorder. Therapy is actually a great way to help you recover from an eating disorder. This is because most eating disorders stem from an emotional place. If you have binge eating disorder then your behavior of overeating is helping you to gain a sense of happiness. A therapist can help you realize why this happens. Why do you eat to feel happiness and what has led you to a state of unhappiness? By finding the root of the emotional issues, you can help to reduce the behavior of overeating.

It also helps you to determine what triggers cause you to overeat. You can then learn to anticipate when those triggers are going to occur and have an alternative plan in place. This will help when you are in those tough spots and want to go on an eating binge. An eating disorder treatment that works on the cognitive as well as emotional aspects of your life is a great combination. You can overcome your eating disorder and live a full life.

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