When you decide to get a tooth extraction, you should not forget that following a tooth extraction aftercare is very important. The tooth extraction aftercare should not be neglected because it is one of the ways to keep your tooth extraction site heal easily. It is natural to say that getting a tooth extraction is incomparably painful. This is just one of the reasons why there are many people who are scared to get a tooth extraction. But don't you know that if you do not do any tooth extraction aftercare, the pain that feel comes in two folds. So you better make a choice, a pain that you get once in tooth extraction or a double pain because of not doing any tooth extraction aftercare. The choice is yours.

How do you define tooth extraction aftercare?
When you say tooth extraction aftercare, it simply means the necessary medical and non-medical steps or procedure that you need to do after getting a tooth extraction. The tooth extraction aftercare is done to keep you mouth hygienically clean and to avoid further infection. Every dentist would always advice their patient to follow the tooth extraction aftercare seriously and correctly. What happens when you do not do any tooth extraction aftercare? It might be scary to know but when you are not decided to do any tooth extraction aftercare, there is a great risk that you will suffer from further infection, pain and inconvenience. What is worst than that, you will have to spend much more that your tooth extraction. Therefore, spare yourself from all these troubles and never forget to do your tooth extraction aftercare.

If you want to know some of the best and effective tooth extraction aftercare, then check on the following listed below. But remember, it always pays to ask your dentist about other tooth extraction aftercare that is suitable for you.

Take enough rest
This tooth extraction aftercare is considered the primary step to do after you get a tooth extraction. Many things could happen when you do not have enough rest after your tooth extraction. In most cases, if you do not follow this tooth extraction aftercare, you get the risk of getting infection, fever; excessive bleeding that would cause swelling and long time healing process. How do you get enough rest? You should make sure that your head is elevated. Doing this tooth extraction aftercare prevents you to have swollen cheeks.

Allow a blood clot formation on the extracted site
This tooth extraction aftercare is as important as the first one. After getting a tooth extraction, it is essential that you get a blood clot formation to help the wound heal easily and quickly. You need to bite on the gauze piece that your dentist has put on the wound. Let it stay for an hour and replace if necessary. This tooth extraction aftercare would remind you that the blood clot is vital in protecting your wound from germs and bacteria.

Do not spit too much within 24 hours
Spitting could give you the chances to dislodge the blood clot formed in your extracted site. It is important that you follow this tooth extraction aftercare which is to avoid spitting too much for at least 24hours after you get a tooth extraction. Just in case the blood clot is dislodged, you are at risk of having a dry socket which could be very painful. That is why; following this tooth extraction aftercare is just very important.

Never smoke for 48 hours
If you are addicted to smoking, then this might e very difficult for you. This tooth extraction aftercare reminds you that smoking is highly discouraged after you get a tooth extraction. There is a big change that the nicotine will stay on the extracted site thus affecting your blood clot formation.

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