Long gone are the days when a business card and glossy brochure were enough to get you in to see a new client, now the promotion of your brand is carefully managed and part of a companywide strategy. Every encounter with a customer provides the opportunity for you to promote your brand, increasing awareness of your products and services and through this nurturing a loyalty so that they'll come back to buy from you again and again.

Your corporate identity is one of the most valuable assets that your business can possess. In a dynamic and in many cases frenzied market place and with increasingly difficult to identify product differentials, businesses must take every opportunity to engage with their customers and reinforce their message while making promises of great products and excellent service. What would you say if you went into a successful high street retailer and saw staff dressed in their own T shirts and jeans serving on the tills? You would probably think it was a joke or a mistake making a mental note of slipping standards and even to shop elsewhere in future. You need to view your business and staff in the same way, asking how do you want to be perceived and your brand's message to be interpreted.

Work clothing is an important part of branding and when staff are presented correctly this is a contributing part of the branding process. Product ranges are now vastly improved and the accessibility of smart, comfortable and fashionable clothing is such that aside from the obvious cost benefit there is no longer any excuse for having poorly turned out staff at any level of your organisation.

The latest levels of sophistication extend to the styles and colours that you select for your uniforms too. In a farm shop for example you may choose to select colours that reflect the warm hues of the land and its' produce whereas a sports business may dress their staff in bright energetic colours and it's this symbiosis that customers relate to and buy into when they look at your business and staff. Early consideration and analysis must be a key part of any ambitious business branding strategy and with expert help you can shorten the time taken and reduce the errors that can easily be made during this process.

As well as the obvious benefits to the business, employees gain too. Not only do they have a wide choice of smart, fashionable and comfortable clothing they have it paid for also. The gains don't stop there either; employees can claim tax relief from HMRC for laundering and repairing their work clothing.

One of the truisms about workwear and garment decoration is that you get what you pay for. Choose cheap at every turn and your staff will reflect this, not only in how they look, but how they feel too. There are really good value options both in garment selection and in the method of decoration. As a general rule embroidery looks classy, is versatile and stands the rigours of repeated washing and drying. Printing technology has come on in leaps and bounds and really great results can be achieved on a variety of fabrics not just on the ubiquitous cotton T shirt.

Smartly dressed staff are a valuable resource for your business. Talk to an expert and you'll get great value for money and a look that reflects your values and you may just get that edge over the competition that you've been looking for.

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