Chiropractic uses traction to treat musculoskeletal disorders and abnormalities. Chiropractic focuses on the treatment and management of various nerve, bone, joint, and muscle irregularities, anomalies, defects, and misalignments. It does not make use of any form of surgery or invasive procedures and pharmaceutical drugs. Doctors of chiropractic believe that the human body has the ability to heal on its own if the neuromusculoskeletal system of a person is functioning perfectly.

Traction is a technique used to apply force to bring any misaligned bone or joint back to its original position, curvature and structure. For many years, doctors of chiropractic care have been using this technique to treat patients. They believe that the primary cause of pain is due to nerve irritation. Nerve irritation occurs when a nerve is squeezed between two misaligned bone and knotted muscle fibers. When the nerves are irritated, it causes pain and discomfort. Therefore, it is of great importance to release the nerve from compression.

Chiropractic uses this technique either manually or with the use of a specially designed device or apparatus. Manual traction is performed with the use of the hands of the chiropractor. The chiropractor applies force on the affected area with the use of his skillful and expert hands or with a use of manually made pulley system. A specific weight is added on the pulley system to provide pulling action.

On the other hand, chiropractors also use a mechanical device to provide force. This method is done by using an especially designed apparatus. A motorized pulley is used to provide force and tension. This motorized pulley has an adjustable mechanism to increase or decrease the amount of force needed. Chiropractors are the ones controlling the amount of pressure to be applied.

The primary purpose of this chiropractic method of treatment is to stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons as well as to relax soft tissues. This technique is effectively useful for people suffering from arthritis, degenerative disc diseases, herniated disc, joint injuries, and other musculoskeletal problems as well as back and neck pain. The amount of force and length of therapy are determined through the amount of stretching needed as well as the deformity and abnormality.

However, prior to applying traction to any patient, the chiropractor must first establish and verify a diagnosis. Diagnosis can be confirmed through laboratory tests, medical history and physical examination of the patient. Laboratory tests include an X-Ray or MRI of the affected body part. This will determine the degree of the deformity and the abnormality of the bones. Obtaining the medical history of the patient is also necessary to identify the cause of the misalignment or disorder. In physical examination, the chiropractor uses palpation and inspection to find out the level of pain and misalignment.

Traction has been a part of chiropractic care for so many years. Chiropractors are using either use their hands or use a mechanical device to apply tension. It has been one of the most effective and safe procedures used by many chiropractors and other health professionals in treating musculoskeletal disorders, problems, and diseases. Read More

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