Anyone can make a profit from Indian stock market. One just needs to have patience, when one is facing losses from the stock market. The main reason of having losses is greediness they think the more money they invest, the more profit they will have but it is not that investing too much is not important in the stock market even a small amount can bring profit if you trade wisely. That means when one is asked to revise to stop loss one should means traders should follow strategies which his advisors are telling him or her. It happens sometimes call is not executed, which is given by advisories so.

Weekly report: Weekly reports are something which provides direction to our trading it is very necessary to buy it if you are a regular trader in the stock market. It contains the whole week data of both equity markets as well as the commodity market basis of which we can trade for next week it contains all information that too with reasons like why gold was down why crude oil was high, dollar, news and all news about all metals data helps to go in the right direction it takes us to make profit it helps a lot segments

The main four advantages of weekly report are

Saving time
if you are using weekly reports you do not need to study scripts you get all data in one report by this your time also saves which is very important.

Keeping track

it brings us on a right track if you are wandering it can bring us on right track helps us to make wise trade also indicates that which script is going up or down .
Providing Feedback it also helps if you need feedback helps us to restart your trading if you have stopped your trading it motivates us a lot .Meet the needs of the readers it provides the information that traders want for wise trading
Great presentation its charts and tables show the present situation of the stock market or commodity market charts are the best source of understanding what is going on in the market .

Great advisor
Another advantage of weekly report is it is a great financial advisor it is always supports you whenever you are confused about market .

Prevent from rumour
it also prevents us from rumour because rumour is something which take us in heavy losses so one should study these weekly reports because it can help you a lot to maximize your profit it brings us a great news by which only profit can be made logic is also there in these reports

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