Learning is a continuous process, and ideally, should never be a momentary involvement between the learner and a textbook. To that end, nature is the best teacher we all have, and it is through the environment and its experiences that Mother Nature teaches all of us. Without an adequate amount of sunlight, air, water, and soil minerals, no seeds can germinate to become the tree that remains hidden in it.

It is the right environment that can morph all the possibilities into reality. So it is valid for humans as well. Every child is born with huge potential, which can only be utilized optimally if the child gets the right environment to grow in. It is hence important that even when your child is learning at home, you try to create a learning environment that supports your little one to think, learn, analyze, grow, and criticize beyond any prejudices. If the right kind of learning environment is provided, you will see how beautifully the very best of your kid gets reflected through his/her being.

So here in this article today, we, JP International School, top ten school in greater Noida have brought forth for you a list of the key elements that are considered indispensable for creating a wholesome home learning environment for your kids.

Keep the environment collaborative

If you want your child to learn and come up with innovative ideas, you have to turn the home environment from critical to candid. Encouragement and a simple pat on the back can sometimes do the magic and instill the desired level of focus and learning enthusiasm in your child. Hence, no matter what they come up with, try to be patient, friendly, and assertive instead of criticizing or comparing them. No matter what the outcome is, if your child is putting inadequate efforts to achieve a preset goal, make sure to cheer him/her up at every level to make sure that they never fall short of zest.

Safety is the key

A safe environment boasts and encourages the kids to look forward to and put in diligent efforts in whatever they do. With an overwrought environment at home, children hesitate from doing anything they want to. Consequently, they stop thinking in an out-of-the-box manner and succumb to the restrictive environment, throwing all their hidden talents in the towel. Hence, parents must take care that the home environment never turns hostile or vexing, restricting the children from being interested in learning or other activities that can be actually of much help in learning. Keeping arguments at length and opting for healthy discussions can be a broader way to keep the home ambiance congenial for a child.

Lead by example

If you want your child to consult a dictionary, go through the atlas, or pick up storybooks for spending spare time, lead them by setting examples. Studies all over the world have revealed that young children tend to follow their parents almost to the level of imitation. If you would go to bed with the smartphone in your hand, expecting your child to sleep reading a bedtime story would be an over expectation. Do what you want your child to do, and your kid will learn effortlessly.

Recreatefrom learning

Knowledge and learning are dynamic processes and keep on altering with time. What remains unchanged is the spree to acquire more knowledge. And, this curiosity is the foundation of any learning. Set your home environment in a way that it encourages the kids to recreate from the ideas and notions they have learned from their daily lessons. O

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ffer fun activities, interactive games, puzzles, etc., to your kids to let them enjoy the true essence of their learning.

At JP International School, one of the top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, believe that education can only be considered complete when it supports deep-rooted learning. We believe that every child is capable of doing more than just learning and remembering. This is why it is important that kids are offered the scope to apply their knowledge to make learning a part of their experience. And this experience remains incomplete unless the home learning environment is equally supportive and cherishing.