Radio Broadcasting can be referred to as the one-way transmission done over radio waves, which are that are projected so that the audience can receive it. In 1909, the first radio broadcaster in the United States was Charles Herrold who provided scheduled information and entertainment. Nowadays, the audio content is supplied every hour by public, commercial and community radio broadcasting system. One can use cable FM, local wire networks, and satellite for audio broadcasting.

Commercial radio works as a business that helps in earning profit and is accessible in most of the world. Every hour of listening is put on sale for the advertisers by the radio broadcasters in little blocks, in return of that the broadcasted agree to play advertising message or commercial on the air. Advertising is the wise way to finance radio broadcasting. All broadcasting types effective on both AM and FM signals know about the commercial radio. There are different types of formats for commercial broadcasters however; they are regularly based on explicit music genres. The primary format of radio is talk shows that focused on sports issues, social issues, political issues and the similar programmes like this, which could be the source of entertainment and information. Studies reveal that radio works as free, entertainment source of information during the time of great depression.

Public radio is supported by listener and does not promote advertisement. In many countries, public radio receives private grants and government funding. The dominant public radio organization is National Public Radio. The focal point of formats is like news, social issues, education and arts whereas music may be classical, rock, jazz, opera etc.

Community radio is the independent broadcast media that is used for civil society to promote social benefits; it is the non-profit organization. Community Radio is meant to bring change and promote political, social change at worldwide level that helps in shaping democracy and improves human rights as well.

Electronic media finds several ways to be connected to its user and provide luxury to their comfort zone. For instance, direct to home TV is popular nowadays that is replacing the general TV. This gives the customer freedom with selecting their choice of programme and they can record them according to their need. It gives good quality picture and sound good as well.

However, Ku band satellite system is one of the kind of satellite that is used for communication. Ku band satellite system is an electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave frequencies. A Ku band is generally cheaper and more flexible.

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