We just have to admit it---life can sometimes get tough! You know, things happen. Our health may sometimes suffer, work pressures accelerate, daily stresses build up, and family demands become too daunting. We all need a dose of some inspiration because it looks good (a lovely and picturesque photo), it makes us feel good (your favorite book or film, family pictures), sounds good (D Sound’s Tattooed on My Mind), and smells good (a bed of roses, your favorite perfume) as well.

However, I have to admit it though, anything could happen to anybody and whenever it does, when life simply gets too much or too tough, why not try hanging a “Closed For Business” sign and seek out for some inspiration. Surrounding oneself with daily inspiration helps to get your life on track since it brings back to your spirit—to your inner core.

Whenever you feel inspired and positive, it is a sign that you are touching a place deep within your heart. From this place, you could envision, create, plan, and simply live the life that you deserve and anything which makes you feel better. And when that happens, your creativity heightens, tasks get done, you feel happier and brighter and everything else falls into place.

1. Inspiration Restores and Calms. Wide open spaces, fresh air, sunny and sandy tropical beaches—feel nature at its best! Now, don’t you feel more relaxed with Mother Nature? Precisely my point—she is always ready and able to share her fabulous works of art with us. 2. Inspiration is Feel-Good Heart Opening—think about the very last time you have read an inspiring and motivating story.

Did your heart feel several times bigger than usual? Inspiration opens up your heart and when that occurs, you become more forgiving to yourself and to others. Your overall outlook and perception enhances and improves and in the process, makes you feel more patient and tolerant. Connecting with one’s heart minimizes stress.

3. Inspiration spreads joy and happiness. Being inspired absolutely makes you feel good. Try thinking of the last inspiring or motivating chain e-mail or chain text you received and passed on with a note which says, “I never actually do this, but I just have to share this one with you!” whenever you feel good, when the delight in you breaks free, and then you share your gladness with other people, you create such a big impact in a hundred optimistic ways.

4. Inspiration inspires and ignites greatness. Have you ever seen a breathtaking painting and had the longing to drop by at your nearest art supply store for art materials like oil paints and a canvas? Inspirational masterpieces and works of art have the ability to touch us to create art which is unique and distinct to all of us.

Art=visible expression of one’s inner joy. So, the next time you feel that life is getting difficult, just post that “Closed for Business” sign and go out for some inspiration. Trust me, you'll simply love the results!

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The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a new home study course on how to boost your Self Esteem. Click here to get more info about her Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You.