The moment we distance away from GOD our downfall & depredation becomes certain. Therefore every time and at all times, it is in our best interest to stay near to GOD and in company of GOD.

We must always try to stay near to GOD because worldly illusions are so powerful that the moment we distance ourself from GOD, it takes us in its flow. Worldly Illusion conquers us and fills us with wishes, desires with which we are not able to suffice. This is the characteristics of worldly illusion.

The natural quality of Almighty GOD is to uplift all souls and the influence of GOD’s companionship leads us to suffice eternally.

These are two opposite directions of life and the outcome of both is also opposite. But sadly, we run after the maleficent fruit of worldly illusion and we try in desperation to achieve it. We take a dip in the life’s ocean and feel happy to fetch pebbles thereby losing the great opportunity to seek GOD.

What an ill fortune that in our human life’s ocean, instead of seeking God we seek pebbles. A bigger loss is when we feel happy taking pebbles and do not analysis our ill fortune . Because by fetching pebbles we assume we had fetched a fortune. We are alike the boy who was unsuccessful in his exams, yet he feels proud & happy and is eating & distributing sweets in celebration.

By going far from GOD we will invite our downfall & depredation, and by being in the companionship of GOD we will fetch the best result – if this principle goes down our head & heart, we will always, by all means , try to gain companionship, gain closeness of GOD. We will feel inclined to read about LORD, hear about LORD, offer service to the LORD, visit the Holy places of the LORD. This noble desire will never tie us in a vicious cycle of Karma-Bandhan (doing an act & facing its consequence in next birth) . It will even relinquish us from our sinful acts.

On the opposite, if we get involved in worldly illusions, by fulfilling our ill desires we will create new Karma-Bandhan (doing an act & facing its consequence in next birth) and we find ourself trapped in this vicious cycle.

If we develop a habit to remain in the companionship of GOD, our thoughts and our heart will get purified. The influence of GOD’s companionship creates an invisible circle, inside which we will forever remain secured. Like the demon Ravana, who was not able to get inside the Lakshman Rekha, evils (like ill-desire, anger, malignity, greed, hatred, arrogance etc.) cannot get into an invisible circle of the LORD. Thus the companionship of GOD is the best & easiest protection against all evils, against all the ill-effect of worldly illusions. (In Holy Ramayana, LORD SRIRAM’s brother Lakshman created a circle called Lakshman Rekha for protection and demon Ravana was not able to cross the Lakshman Rekha and get inside the circle. )

But instead of being in GOD’s companionship, we live in the company of worldly illusion, therefore we are surrounded by the evils & ill-effects of worldly illusion. We are filled with anger, greed, revenge, violence, unethical earnings, arrogance, pretence etc. and a long list of other evil forces attack us. We are filled with an inclination to impart bigger loss to other at the cost of our own loss, filled with a differentiation between what we say and what we do. The evil forces win and they occupy our mind & heart. Like in the battlefield one army wins and takes possession of a kingdom, the same thing happens in our internal battle.

But if the defender posses a bigger power than the attacker, the attack is nullified. Likewise if we have the strength of GOD’s companionship, the attack of the evil gets nullified. Pandavas faced so many attacks, got into so many problems but the companionship of the LORD did make their victory possible over Kauravas. They even did Ashwamegh Yagya (an act to conquer all kings of the the world). Yudhisthir in his emotions told the LORD that the Pandavas are doing Ashwamegh Yagya not to glorify themselves, but to show the world that how ill-fortunate the Pandavas were, but only because of the companionship of the LORD they were able attained such pinnacle in their life. (In the MahaBharata, the five Pandava brothers always remained in the companionship of the LORD and therefore despite facing bad times, they got the better of the Kauravas in the battlefield against all odds and went on to conquer all the kings of the World through Ashwamegh Yagya . From a state of pity, they rose to pinnacle only due to the influence of GOD’s company.)

The influence of GOD’s companionship in life is very unique. Holy Puranas & history are testimony to it. Therefore we must always try to achieve the companionship of ALMIGHTY GOD in our life.

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Ultimate solace only comes from total devotion towards GOD. Sandeep R Karwa under pen name ChandraShekhar writes articles on devotion to GOD.
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