The purpose of this article is to dismantle persistent and popular misconceptions and purposely engineered myths about psychology, psychologists, counselors, and self-help industry current activities performed by its most loud and often well known institutions and representatives.

Since no psychologist, energy healer or coach has ever presented this info anywhere in the internet, in a magazine or in a book out of fear that it may compromise their present and future practice, I thought it’s high time the info finally became available and accessible for everyone, simply because people who use these experts’ services have the right to be aware in order to make informed choices regarding their own healing, growth and evolution.

The intentionally engineered and persisting lack of awareness about the true state of affairs in those industries only allows manipulation and deceit, and later on - more manipulation and more deceit. Therefore, to eliminate all obscurity associated with these industries and their experts, and to bring much needed clarity to the topic, the facts presented below, not only must become well known to the majority, but also spoken about, and acted upon.

What the laymen are not aware of when they choose an expert with a Psychology Degree (and believe that the Degree alone is a guarantee of the psychologist expertise, talent, and her/his ability to heal emotional, social, psychosomatic, relationship and psychological issues):

1. The main (and false) premise of modern day psychology taught by every mainstream Psychology Department declares that human being is essentially weak, sick, fragile, morally corrupt from the start, powerless and must be managed….. by other human beings who, following this logic, are just as compromised.

The truth:

First of all, the premise is incorrect to begin with. Second of all, the very invention and marketing of this false premise is a part of the political agenda that serves an even deeper hidden war on consciousness and deliberate creation of unconsciousness and anti-consciousness (since it's good for the currently popular and hugely promoted business model that is based on manipulation and control).

2. The "accredited therapies", therapeutic approaches, and modalities officially taught by Psychology Departments are based on the false premise mentioned above. Since the premise is wrong, the modalities are just as confusing and naturally ineffective (or only partially and temporarily effective at best).

Simple, effective, non-invasive modalities exist but they are never taught at the mainstream Psychology Department of any university, they are simply not supposed and not allowed to be a part of the accredited curriculum.

3. The true anatomy or real (not invented) nature of mind and consciousness, anatomy of emotional, mental and energy bodies and their interconnectedness and interdependence with the physical body is never taught at Psychology Departments. (Regardless of the fact that the WHO officially admitted, many years ago and has it in writing, that 90% of all physical diseases are psychosomatic, i.e. they caused not by the body but by one's emotional and psychological conditions and states ).

4. Everything, that the accredited curriculum of any mainstream Psychology Department teaches, is confined to a minute and incredibly mechanical left-brain analytical function, its development and its developmental issues. Whole brain as such and mid brain function and development as well as proper, beyond basic, comprehensive information about the right brain function and development is not presented at all (unless it’s a specialized research project of a closed nature).

What it means in laymen terms is this. Your psychic, emotional, and energy nature and its influence and mechanism is intentionally dismissed by the accredited curriculum of Psychology Departments. Instead of being given a proper training on how naturally and skillfully navigate one’s emotional and energy bodies and their corresponding realities and also, how to communicate with these bodies, a prospective psychotherapist/psychologist/counselor is taught and requested to teach their prospective clients how to relocate a trauma, its multiple shadows or a psychological issue of any kind from one place to another and how to brutally suppress or control their clients’ psychic, emotional and energy nature and awareness via left brain activities of linear logic and analysis.

Suffice to say this “treatment” never works because it’s not supposed and not designed to. What it IS designed to do is to suppress the expression of symptoms of any psychological issue and give the client an illusion or impression of a resolved issue. Coincidentally the very same approach based on symptom suppression as the opposite to actual healing is used by the accredited allopathic medicine. The problem is, a human being is not a tractor, he/she is an eco system where all things are interconnected and any symptom is a pointer that must be taken into account and listened to, not suppressed. When it gets suppressed without following its pointing, it will be expressed more loudly in another place.

The existence of mental, emotional, energy body, heart consciousness, epigenetics, natural and artificial entrainment, nature and existence of various dream states, conscious navigation and switching between different brain waves (brain-states), precognitive awareness, multisensory perception, existence and functioning of mirror neurons, neuroplasticity, and the fact that one’s beliefs are a force as real and potent as gravity, matter and electricity, is dismissed and never presented or taught by the curriculum of any Psychology Department, regardless of the fact that those things are the most essential parts of psychology and life of any human being walking this planet.

4. The works and valuable discoveries of really knowledgeable, highly talented individuals (some of whom are good, some are really evil, personality wise) ended up in the hands and are taught to the intelligence service personnel of many governments, and virtually never taught by main stream Psychology Departments whose official goal is to prepare specialists capable of helping other people in the field of self-development, self-navigation, self-knowledge and self-healing.

5. Emotions and feelings which are in fact parts of one's psychic awareness are intentionally presented as an inferior part of one’s perception (while the opposite is correct) not only by Psychology Departments all over the world but also by the entire system of education. This particular part of human perception instead of being deliberately and harmoniously developed and applied like one’s calculus or language skills, instead gets severely compromised and thrown out of balance early on via social engineering (that starts in kindergartens and families) and mass media manipulation. After such treatment, one’s emotional body does occur to be a mess that tends to compromise all other systems because human psychic and emotional awareness is a primary operation system of any human being. To make sure this system is never fully operational, Psychology Departments everywhere teach their students the modalities, therapeutic approaches and techniques that are all about logical interpretation and talking about client’s feelings and emotions. Sure enough talking, analyzing and interpreting one’s feelings and emotions never works because feelings and emotions aren't supposed to be talked about, they are supposed to be fully (not 15%) felt. So, naturally, after hours of talking about one's toxic and messy feelings and frozen emotional states the client’s emotional mess remains unchanged, which is the hidden goal of the “accredited therapeutic approaches” that are officially allowed (read "supposed") to be a part of every Psychology Department Curriculum.

6. Emotions and feelings are not meant to be talked about or analyzed. They are to be fully felt, acknowledged, experienced, recognized, owned, released (not repressed), and observed in their unique, not invented and projected by one’s logical mind context.

What changes a person, her/his issues, and transforms her/his inner chaos into inner peace is awareness and harmonious experiencing, not analysing and certainly not talking about emotions and feelings that had been exiled and suppressed. Exiled emotions simply take over a certain part of one’s consciousness and turn that piece of consciousness against the rest of it while further fragmenting it. Analysis does not change this state of affairs but awareness does, and awareness is based on non-judgemental observation and noticing, not on a thought process of linear logic. Awareness is an EXPERIENCE that affects and heals one's whole Being while reacquainting it with reality as it is, not as one’s mind invented or interpreted it.

It is always awareness, not analysis, that makes remarkable and permanent changes in one’s Being. Unfortunately, awareness is never taught by Psychology Departments and so it is never applied and never practiced by the mainstream psychologists who worship the approved and accredited by Universities and Psychological Societies cognitive approach and its various versions (under different names) as the only tool that should solve all psychological problems. Well, the truth is it simply doesn’t. And I have just explained why.

7. Who usually studies at Psychology Departments?

Sadly, not those who are supposed to. The majority of students found at Psychology Departments are those who do not have what it takes to work as psychologists. Most of the time, the main reasons they choose to study psychology is simple curiosity and hope to better understand themselves and others. However, at the end of their 4-5 year course they will get a Degree in Psychology. And you may end up working with them. The smallest (not the biggest one, like most professors at Psychology Department claim) group of students who also end up at Psychology Departments are hoping to fix themselves and they too don’t have either innate ability, talent or capacity to help or work with other people. They too end up with a Psychology Degree that allows them to work in the field.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what University a psychologist, counselor, or coach got their Degree from. What matters is WHY they decided to study Psychology- the question all clients must ask the expert they decided to hire.

8. Not only there is NO Psychology Department that teaches awareness, but also, there is no course at any Psychology Department of any university that teaches a prospective psychologist/counselor/psychotherapist a sufficient level of self-awareness, intuition, natural drive towards self-exploration and hands on cold reading of the clients issues before they say a word. That means, unless it is someone who is naturally gifted and into self-exploration, self-inquiry, self-discovery and self-knowledge as a result, you as a client, are going to deal with just another human being equipped with labels, rank, scientific name, and detailed information on various ways of how a sick, toxic or broken personality comes into existence and close to zero knowledge on what it actually takes to keep and make a healthy, stable, all round personality which is naturally self-actualized, creative, sovereign in its perception, naturally resourceful and self-governed.

9. All mainstream, accredited Psychology Departments focus their curriculum on various ways one's personality becomes dysfunctional, just like all medical schools focus their curriculum on various ways human bodies get sick and broken and how to identify this or that sickness or defficiency. Prospective doctors don’t study health as a state of being of one’s physical body and how to create a strong and self-sufficient immune system that does not require intervention of the doctors or consumption of synthetic pharmaceutical products. Likewise, prospective psychologists, counselors and psychotherapists do not study healthy psychological states of a person, how these states function, what holds them in place, how they get compromised and what it takes to restore the natural states of self-healing, resourcefulness and solid personal integrity naturally and at ease.

Unfortunately, the state approved curriculum of any Psychology Department is only and mainly focused on the states of self-deficiency of a regular human being and how to label, recognize, and treat the symptoms (not the actual cause) of those states of self-deficiency, which, by the way, are very un-natural to all humans. The states of creativity, personal productivity or heightened awareness are never studied and never introduced unless again, it’s a special project of a closed nature, usually privately sponsored.

10. Unless a psychologist/psychotherapist/counselor has a degree in awareness, which is easy to notice during your first conversation with them, and unless the given counselor/psychotherapist is naturally driven to this field, their Psychology/Psychotherapy/Counseling Degree alone will not guarantee anything. I.e. it is rather unlikely that such psychotherapist will be able to help any prospective client.

It really doesn't matter how many years of practice the therapist has, how many seminars they have attended, and how many external diplomas and degrees they earned. These things are simply useless without a high level and considerable scope of self-awareness which should be a natural and constant inner drive for any representative of this profession. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is not the case.



1. Many of these practitioners and coaches are at the beginning stages of their own process of learning (not yet mastery), to become a helping hand or guides for others. At their best, such practitioners may help some people and will fail to help those who are more aware, more evolved, or who have hidden, subtle or complex issues that are beyond the level and scope of awareness of these practitioners who maybe eager to help but who usually end up “helping” in the wrong way or in the wrong place, misleading the client as a result.

This kind of practitioners and coaches, for a while, were on a self-discovery journey themselves, and during this short lived journey they discovered some typical pitfalls that could be avoided. They also became aware of quite a few ego tricks that usually prevent one from achieving results here and there. Unfortunately, most of these practitioners discontinued their own journey of self-discovery, and prematurely declared themselves teachers, guides, coaches, leaders of the field, etc, and started giving seminars and courses where they pretend (sometimes without realizing) that they know their stuff while exploiting the immensely popular these days tendency of the prospective participants of those seminars to follow somebody (rather than be their own leaders). Such coaches are experts in recruiting this kind of crowd for their courses and seminars and they do it quite aggressively, via exploitation of the ego-mind weaknesses and “sweet spots” of the un-evolved and mostly asleep congregation.
Basically the whole thing is a massive manipulation in action, and it’s important to understand that both the “coach” and their recruited for these seminars crowd are into manipulation. The former pretends they know more and better while the latter (the participants) support that idea by pretending they know less and learn “really new” for them things while becoming holier than their closest and far environment. The problem is, the participants of these seminars and trainings are continuing to have the same nature of conflicts and arguments with themselves and others during and after these seminars. The format of the conflicts may change but the essence of the conflicts remains the same. Which means, their level of “enlightenment” hasn’t experienced any changes whatsoever.

2. Like in the before mentioned case with mainstream Psychology Departments, there are no energy psychology courses or certification programs for coaches that teach and train self-awareness (which, again, is the main prerequisite for successful practice in these particular fields as well). There are no courses within energy psychology and coaching field that put massive emphasis (or due empasis) on discernment and its development or how to identify mistakes in one’s reading of either oneself or the client situation. And sure enough, there are no teachers and coaches at such courses that are very aware themselves and possess a well-developed ability of discernment that makes it possible for them to develop a corresponding level of discernment and awareness in the specialists that they train. And even when there are a few self-aware trainers at such courses, they don't usually train others in self-awareness as this training is not supposed to be a part of the certification program (which is usually quite mechanical or done online via watching training videos and taking standard multiple choice test). If it is a seminar or training that requires in person participation, then still, what is usually given there is a formal training and a certificate or diploma at the end of it. There are simply no exams at such courses that test or verify a required level and scope of awareness and self-awareness in the prospective coaches or energy healers. My point is, such training is acceptable and is enough for, say an accountant or a front desk manager, a receptionis, etc., but definitely not for a prospective coach or energy healer.

3. The simplest, most effective modalities are usually not taught and intentionally ignored by both, before mentioned mainstream Psychology Departments and by many of the big and over-marketed coaching and energy healing courses among which are NLP, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis for any purpose, Theta Healing, Quantum Therapy/Healing/or whatever else, Family Constellation, Past Life Regression Therapy,- to name a few.

The practices and modalities that require 1-2 days to learn are often added unnecessary details and complex interpretations to make these simple practices and modalities appear more complex and important than they actually are. The 1-2 days of learning is then stretched into 5-7 days that cost significantly more and appear financially and content wise more valuable.

4. Very few coaches, psychologists and counselors do a cross disciplinary and cross-reference research of the newly published by the representatives of their field information, discoveries or modalities. Very few coaches,energy healers, psychologists and counselors regularly practice meditation, consistent self-observation, self-awareness and self-enquiry. Very few coaches, psychologists, counselors, energy healers are sincerely and joyfully engaged in self-exploration, self-development and evolution of consciousness.

5. There is a difference between a truly awakened being who talks about universal love and walks their talk and the gooey all-is-love-be-oblivious-to-the-negative-and-to-what-is-happening kind of “experts”. The former ones are at a self-mastery level and are very much aware of the ongoing reality as it is, including the presence of the negative and destructive activities in it. They are not in ignorance of any aspect of reality, they take it all into account and make healthy choices for themselves, and what’s more, they will move you to the place of all-inclusive, realistic, not negative-side-exclusive dualistic perception. They will naturally walk you to the place of direct, your own (not their) awareness of what is and what is not.

As for “the gooey experts” preaching love and light but getting disturbed when someone disagrees with them or mentions destruction, lack of kindness and immoral activities taking place here and there, - these “experts” will more often than not issue a declaration of denial of everything that is negative calling it an illusion that should be ignored. A closer examination that anyone can perform, reveals that these “experts” are still stuck in a duality or polarity consciousness themselves, where they gladly take the entire congregation of their followers (who often follow them because the followers are themselves confused and feel a need to follow someone).

How to identify the right coach, energy healer and a real spiritual teacher?

1. If they make it clear from the start that they want you to be whole, complete and capable at all times, and this is in fact your natural, not altered state of being,that's a good sign. If they strive to make you independent from them and someone like them as soon as possible, AND they walk their talk (i.e. the just mentioned ideas are consistently, naturally, and quietly (not in a show off manner) are reflected in their behaviour - go for it, these folks know their stuff and they are in the right place for the job.

2. The opposite is also correct. If the coach or energy healer, one way or another, try to (overtly or covertly) make you dependent on them regarding decision making, emotional wellbeing, general orientation, etc., - run away like hell. Not only they are ineffective but you will waste your time and money if you work with them.

3. If they regurgitate the same thing you have heard godzillion times or it can be easily found just about everywhere, walk away. The coach, psychotherapist, counselor, energy worker who really knows their stuff will not only be original but also will explain or say things that are specific to you and your situation. They will show you, in a simple and clear way, how what they’ve said is demonstrated in your own life.

4. If a coach, energy healer or a spiritual teacher creates a confusing fog of the unknown to you terminology, showers you with general and vague ideas or they invoke Jesus, Buddha or Guan Yin rather than their personal awareness as well as your own awareness every time they have to deal with your issues, leave their premises and disallow them to enter yours for your own sake. You are to become a master of your own life, consciousness, and reality, - you are not to create a dependency on Jesus or Buddha, both of whom, by the way, taught self-awareness and independence (“be your own light”, remember?). Not to mention that both of them were a shining example of people who took full responsibility for their own life and its direction and who were also outstanding examples of self-awareness.

5. The true and good healers, teachers, psychologists, coaches, counselors, energy workers, etc., are not fishing for any followers, they don't want others to depend on them, and make it clear for everyone. Also, they do not want or intend to change the world, they are very quietly…. while being fully themselves, invoke authenticity and feeling of completeness in others. They are incredibly self-sufficient, in a state of effortless inner balance and peace most of the time, they are self-aware and it’s felt, they explain things in a simple and elegant way, they clarify and never confuse, and they are more than capable to make it blatantly clear for you how you are (or must become) a resourceful and self-sufficient center of your own reality who can and should naturally be …...a shining light of aware and unfolding consciousness.

To sum up: efficient, skillful, talented psychologists, psychotherapists, energy healers, coaches, consciousness and awareness facilitators do exist. However, they are not identified or measured by diplomas, certificates, names of universities they attended or graduated from. They are not measured by university degrees, years of practice, number of seminars they have attended or given, and the titles they hold. These are the experts who were experts before they got their respective titles and diplomas. They are in the field because it’s only natural for them to be there and there is no feeling of personal or spiritual superiority, control or inferiority that they exude. They simply own their own inherent worth and value and are fully aware of your inherent self-worth and value as a Being. They do not compare and do not compete for self-value, they simply recognize and acknowledge it in both,- you and themselves.

These experts are their own researchers and self-educators, they learn, create, perfect, and develop practices, modalities and approaches that work and they go far beyond any official and basic curriculum of any institution while studying approaches and discoveries across wide range of disciplines and subjects that overlap or are connected directly or indirectly with the field of Psychology (which originally is a study of consciousness), Psychotherapy, Energy Healing.

Always interview the coach, psychologist, energy healer, psychotherapist or counselor you chose to hire before you start working with them. Find out why they are in the field. Be alarmed if they say they have an insatiable desire to change the world, feel incurably hurt by the suffering of all people, nature and the planet herself or something to the extent. Chances are it’s an unrecognized and unhealed compensatory behaviour for them (not always, but in 90% of occasions) stemming from their own early disharmonious family environment in which they never received the love, nourishment, quality attention, nurturing and care that they now are desperately trying to give to others while being unable to give those feelings and attitudes to themselves. The key word here is - desperately. This particular group of coaches is out of balance and they NEED others who need their help to feel important or good enough to be. Such coaches, psychotherapists, counselors lack both clarity and awareness and as a result will see their clients’ issues as well as the clients themselves through a very distorted glass. These kind of experts will simply be ineffective, to say the least.

If you personally know people who were transformed and their life conditions greatly improved through their work with a certain expert of self-help industry, chances are it is a good and talented expert and it makes sense to hire them for the job. You must PERSONALLY know the transformed client in question, DO NOT count on now famous written or video testimonials. Most of the testimonials are unverifiable, a large percentage of them is simply bought (exchanged for a free or discounted session as a rule), and some are just fabricated.


As for trainings and seminars, choose the ones that are small scale and avoid the ones that are too loud, over-marketed and too expensive.

If a training or a seminar is given by one of many certified instructors that represent the same organization and teach the same modality worldwide, take into account that no matter how successful this organization or its founder is, the quality of the seminar will always depend on the level and scope of awareness and skill of its instructor, their personality and expertise. The fact that they are certified to teach this or that modality does not guarantee that your time and money will be well spent and you will leave the seminar premises transformed and renewed. It also doesn't matter whether this certified instructor has given 2, 5 or 10 trainings. What matters is how evolved and how aware the instructors themselves are, and whether they are in the right for them place (e.g. they may be more suited for work in a completely different field or they may be great practitioners but terrible teachers and presenters). To find this out you have to talk to them in person.

If contacting the expert/instructor/practitioner who is giving the seminar you chose to attend is next to impossible, choose a different expert or a different seminar. It should never be an issue for a genuine, dedicated to their work expert to find a room and time for a short personal conversation with a prospective attendee.

I hope this has given the reader all or most of the missing pieces of self help industry puzzle and equipped one with the necessary tools and information needed to make an informed choice in the discussed matter.


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Author's Bio: 

Andriana received her formal training in the field of Psychology and holds two University Degrees in Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on Consciousness, Human Potential, Personal Development, Evolution, and how one's mind, and different levels of Consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time.