The church must equip believers for the work of God. Believers must become more spiritually influential in their homes, neighborhoods and outside communities. However, many people are losing hope, struggling and dying every day. The teaching of deep life-changing truth, such as the knowledge of the inner kingdom, is neglected in thousands of churches across America. Instead, the emphasis is on the acquisition of material prosperity. This teaching is known as the prosperity gospel.

Church leaders promise their congregations that money and material prosperity will come their way only after they pay tithing and offering. Although, there is a degree of blessing that comes when a church member acknowledges God in his tithing and offering, the obsessive teaching of the prosperity gospel has led many believers in the wrong direction.

Obsessive Prosperity Teaching

Obsessive Prosperity teaching causes believers to focus on themselves continuously, an activity which is the exact opposite of God’s perfect will. As believers in the body of Christ, we are commanded not to give excessive attention to our own trials and struggles. God will take care of these. Biblical scripture tells us to focus on the interests of other people more than our own interests. The reason for this is that God wants us to take authority over the darkness that is engulfing people who daily surrounds us. We must pray for them, talk to them and perhaps lead them unto salvation. This should be a continuous occurrence in the lives of saints.

The Responsibility of Believers

When we ignore the people in our surroundings, due to the intense focus upon ourselves, the kingdom of darkness takes control over the people in the circle of our influence. If we allow evil to take control, we are disobeying the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. The well-being of our neighbors should be under our spiritual watch. Biblical scripture states that our neighbors should be able to live in safety and security in the vicinity of the saints of God. This is because believers have been empowered with dominion over the surrounding territories.

Redirecting Our Focus

We must refuse to be mesmerized by prosperity gospel message. Our focus on the prosperity gospel and ourselves prevents us from taking authority over our geography. Our minds are always on what we can get or what someone can give us. We become disappointed and depressed when our dream of material prosperity doesn’t come as quickly as we are expecting. Our surroundings become gloomy. So we come to church Sunday after Sunday so engulfed in our problems that we can hardly fellowship with one another. Believers may even fill like victims of misfortune.

Knowledge of the Inner Kingdom

But the empowered believer doesn’t possess a victim mentality. He is equipped with the knowledge of the inner kingdom, which considers the will of God over the material prosperity of the world. Having a lot of money, a new house or a new car doesn’t mean much to those who are filled with the inner kingdom of God. Such Believers are full of peace, joy and well-being, a privilege that often escapes those who focus all their attention on the pursuit of prosperity.

The Inner Kingdom: the Right Way to Prosperity

Acquiring the inner kingdom is the will of God. This can only occur when our minds are on the things of God and His work within us. God wants to first build spiritual character within every believer, including Christ like mannerism, faith, supernatural power, grace, love and spiritual fortitude. Once these qualities are developed within us, material prosperity want be a problem. We can take it or leave it. We don’t have to chase it because it will automatically flow to us. This is the right way to both material and spiritual prosperity. Biblical scripture tells us to seek the kingdom of heaven first and then all our needs and wants will be given to us. Imagine having everything you need and want to make its way to your door steps. This is the testimony of those who first seek the glory of God’s inner kingdom.

Embracing the Inner Kingdom

The key word is inner kingdom. A strong kingdom lacks nothing. It is filled with all the treasures and glories that can be imagined. It is the complete fulfillment of all needs and desires. Those who possess it dwell in continuous peace and joy, regardless of their surroundings. Wherever they go, the grace of Christ goes with them. Instead of looking for a blessing, they are the blessing to every encounter.

The bottom line is that material prosperity has its place. But it must not be the focus of the Christian message. The inner kingdom must take that place. If the message of God’s inner kingdom is embraced in the body of Christ as the main doctrine, then the glory of God’s peace, joy and abundance will spread throughout the vicinity of those believers who walk in it.

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Steve Glenn is a teacher and ordained spiritual leader based in Minneapolis Minnesota. He holds a B.S degree in English/Education from Metro State University and is the author of four books. He is also a member of the Loft Writing Institute in downtown Minneapolis. Mr. Glenn's message encourages the saints of God to reach their full potential. In order for a great revival to occur in the church, the obsessive teaching of prosperity needs to be rejected for the development of the Christ character and the practice of the inner kingdom. For a more extensive knowledge of the Christian growth and empowerment visit his website at