Are you searching for any product for skin, hair, makeup, or in a mood to read something exciting about interesting blogs?  But in general, online shopping and reading are two different concepts. Here we bring a new idea of e-commerce stores about beauty products and blogs about these products at a single platform as “ blog.atomee”.

You can find an unbiased review of different beauty products with the top 10 brands about hair, skin, and makeup products. When you hit the “shop now” button, you will be about to see more details about the pros and cons of that particular item. Moreover, there is a blog section with some interesting and trendy topics that you will love to read, and hopefully, those blogs will help you to improve your lifestyle.

 Atomee for Buyers

When we search for a particular product on a search engine it gives us thousands of results at entering the basic keyword. Then we have to choose from those results created by the search engine.  Here we bring the idea of transforming a Shopify website with a powerful search engine. So, If you search for a certain beauty product at atomee, you will get an instant and direct approach to the Shopify store where you can buy this product. atomee is different from other online stores because we do not publish a sponsored product reviews. We choose products that we love and give them insight into those products to our clients so they can make a better buying decision.

You can read detailed top 10 reviews about

  • Hair Care products

  • Skincare products

  • Makeup items

  • Best gift ideas

atmoee for seller

If you are a seller then we are offering an amazing feature at atomee as a “free merchant-specific account” where you can directly interact with the clients directly and sell your products to them. With your website URL, you can add any product to atomee search engine list. When customers enter their queries they can see your product name, product description, and image. So you can join this platform to launch your new manufactured goods. by connecting to atomee you can also reach more customers and increase your potential customers and traffic.

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