Since time immemorial people have tried in different ways to know about their future. As there was no logical theory behind finding out the future of a person transparently, therefore, people always tried to discover a theory, which would be reliable to foretell about one’s future life. At a certain point of time, a great number of people made a great effort to observe human life cycle. They made a conclusion and established a theory which is believed to be reliable in this concern. As the calculation, which can help a skilled person in this discipline to foretell about a person’s future life is a calculation based on date of birth of a person and thus related to a few important numbers from the date, month and year of birth, therefore, this is popularly known as numerology. People, who go through the study of numerology to be knowledgeable and skilled in this field, are popularly known as numerologist.
Experimenting and discovering some scientific discoveries is not as same as discoveries in the field of either social science or astrology. A researcher can show evidences, can prove it differently as this is a very practical investigation related with materials. But, when you want to make a discovery on an issue, which is abstract, where there is no substance to work on, then it becomes very tough not only to discover realities but also to prove it as scientists do. Therefore, if you want to get such kinds of information or instances, which a scientist provides in proving a discovery made by him or her, to approve the discoveries of an astrologer or numerologist or a foreteller, who follows an unconventional ways to foretell future of a person, then you may fall in dilemma; because, both of these two types of discoveries are not of similar types.
With the increase of numbers of followers of numerology, the need of making the calculation, done in numerology, became important among the practitioners of this stream of foretelling. They tried to get a calculator, which would be highly effective to make each calculation in fastest way without making any error. The existing calculators those are effective to make subtract or add or multiply as well as making division did not fit fine to make the numerological calculation easier, when these calculators were used by different numerologists. Therefore, a great number of numerologists tended to invent a calculator, which would support them to make the calculation, required in numerology, in the best way. When numerology met with science and developed a Name Numerology Calculator, it became a revolution to the numerologists and for the stream of study also.
The number of the believers on numerology increased day after day and the popularity towards numerology in present time is the result of this condition. Most of the people in present time tend to visit numerologists to know the calculation results of their Lucky Numbers to gain knowledge regarding their prospective future. Whether you believe on numerology or not, if you visit a numerologist then you would find that there is something inspirational, which attracts each believer towards this field of foretelling.

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