The Islands peoples are most religious! Says Author Abdul Haye Amin.

Guernsey without ‘Sub- Continental ‘Indian Gourmet’ Cuisine’ tastes and charm.

The lonely Isolated Isla—nds The days before yesterday was not his or her but our darkness, without missing alphabetical letter before ‘ND’ and after ‘Isla...’ may be over but occupation of Islands of Guernsey remain in history that no one yet to bear in history in our recent times but memory often bites as mosquitoes without mosquitoes net is something to be not proud of but our foreign Bilinguals writer Abdul Haye Amin brought back memory of the Islands in our time in Cultural in Language Literature by sharing the Islands of Guernsey, ‘Map’ in his book of poetry, ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ Front Cover of the Book the most diplomatic refused to identify the Islands there is nice and sexy Islands to visits without packets of free N.H.S. Tower Hamlet, condoms.

The English book of poetry written by Author Abdul Haye Amin from ‘Sub-Continent of India’ now is known Bangladesh. Duration of his employment in the islands of Guernsey who was inspired by the charming of the Islands the Guernsey, most beauty and sexy nature of natural love and Guernsey Literacy Board may not have clue there is other side of the Islands author written beyond their culture in poetry.

That British and France without Islamic Muslims Burqh on intend to occupy the empty Land from not Hitler but from Guernsey peoples the Hitler try to destroy the Islands age of ignorance. In Germany forest there is name of Prophet “Mohammad”—Saw), The Lord, by adding before ‘N&D’ alphabetical letter ‘M’ after ‘Isla_?’ Friends of our Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), the friendship in culture is missing ‘ISLA—M’ discovered by the Bilingual’s author Abdul Haye Amin duration of employment in Guernsey, without medical tablet ‘Seroxat’. The Isla—nds authority of the States supposes to take not ‘Ritual’ but ‘Seroxat’ five times days.

Guernsey may not be the chosen destinations for religious cultural believers or name ever heard by Government of Bangladesh or their peoples to seek States Visa to visit the British Channel Islands that seems too close from England most peoples ignore to visit in the name of term a holiday, and too far away to fly from Bangladesh, gulshan, Dhaka, the Capital, City of Bangladesh.

Probably Prime Minister of Bangladesh never heard of name “Guernsey” in his or her life times in poetry cuisines Language in states protocol ‘Fresh Green Salad’ in politic.
Is under the ‘Her Britannic majesty’s’ see-through, mini-skirts not ‘sharee’ revelations sealed with packets of N.H.S. condoms. Such beautiful Isla--nds cannot be covered by ‘Her Britannic Majesty’s’ see through, mini-skirts nor by green grasses as often university graduates claims;

“The capital city of Bangladesh, Dacca green grasses always whites as her Britannic Majesty’s’ colour of skins”

The Guernsey It’s not quite the Continent and it's not quite England nor Bangladeshi, either. Unfortunately, it quiets fascinating pieces of the Madeira cake most Salisbury supper market in England sold the Islands have no sign of human history, that more than thousands years in historic, heritage nor Culture as any Holy saints representatives ever claimed in our history of Lands symbol of love place to visit as ‘Taj Mahal’ in India.

As a under the British Crown dependency, Islands authority of the States are known total failure in Cultural heritage instead of ‘Scotland’ or ‘Wales’ partition by Guernsey and neighboring islands, Herm, Sark and Alderney, are under British possessions, as once Bay of Bengal, ‘Sub-Continent of India’ partition but here with the French coast just 30 miles away across the [holy] charming Islands instead of ‘Monsoon’ [water] wash a away as often seen in Bangladesh.

The British Channel Islands were the only British territories occupied by the Germans in the Second World War – when Guernsey fell under a five-year period of austerity and hardship. By name ‘Mohammad’ seen written helped to librates the Guernsey from ‘NAZI’ in the graveyard unfortunately, there is no sign of Lord.

Almost twenty five miles radius Islands it doesn’t takes twenty five minutes to see the beautiful Islands those with knowledge of the Islands with car free from any kinds of fears and or doubt days and nights.

the Islands peoples are most religious they believes in their Lord and the peoples the immigration authority never ask you for Generation of I.D. to prove who you are as Plymouth Police Commissioner. Once you say “Mr Abdul Haye” than Mr. Junahid Ali” than Mr. “Abdul Noor” you never get away from Immigration after spending almost in the name of Immigration authority in politic cash eight thousands pounds to visit in Guernsey.

May God bless our Queen. Eventually saving at least eight thousand pound not into Queen of England pocket or account but Immigration officers pockets in cash as Mr Yusuf Ali the Illegal Employer of the ‘Tastes of India Restaurant’, Mill Street, St. Peter Port. Who run always to save from Guernsey Immigration as ‘Indian Gourmet’ Management run for his life without having held Guernsey or British passport without Lord Jesus Christ Father out of ninety nine names “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—786, on under the Public Order Act 1936.

That how trustworthy peoples Islanders are they trust anything you say other than name of Lord “Allah” If you are in doubt ask formers Guernsey Local (Best food Manager). M. P. Or Tom Makin the District Guernsey Police Commissioner, Who knows the Islanders very well to introduce in language poetry.

Visitors are requested to have spare packets of N.H.S. condoms where Islands authority of the States does not provide condoms free of charge as England. Best to go for as a working on holidays in summer is the best time of the years to enjoy the atmosphere of melody coasts wave of sounds as romantic beaches the golden sands waves of Sea often sings in the name of Lord across the Islands coasts.

but don’t takes your lover or you will spoil your entire dream and Journey of sinful desire and pleasure you may have in absent guilty minds from your lover eyes and soul unless you are serious in friendship as signs token of love ‘Taj Mahal’ in India, in virtue you may have ever committed in life forever.

The islanders are proud of their reputation for muilti-Cultural foods, meals, in local ‘Indian Gourmet’ restaurant after having ‘Fresh Green Salad’ and meals till 4am in the morning can enjoy in local disco meeting strangers from all part of the world.

Unfortunately, don’t fall into Portugal love, the Islands of Madeira, Tourist almost overtaken the Islands disco as first man in British India, “Manoel Da Assumpcam” written first Language ‘Bangla’ today nation fall in love with language proud of Government of Portugal as a ‘Bangla’ and Independent Country ‘Bangladesh’ with melody sound of ‘Allahu Akbar’ the States Mosque five times a days. Instead of Fish and Chip shop every corners of the street hardly can seeing, hearing, sensing thing which is not there.

According to researchers ‘Nistur Bandhu’ from the Mental Health Boards it sounds of medication for those who are suffers suffer under the critical illness symptoms of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and or the ‘Post-Traumatic Stress [PTSD] Disorder’ In medical Science Languages under the symptoms of ‘Schizophrenia’ condition known as ‘Visual Hallucination’ under the prescribed tablet, “Seroxat or Zyprexa” “Hearing, Seeing, sensing thing which is not there?”

The Occupational Therapists for ‘Music and (BSMT), sound therapy’ use other than ‘Allahu Akbar’ most music’s and or song’s the sound therapy in Islamic Muslims [States] Country Government use Romantic love songs “Allahu Akbar” five Times a Days, to demonstrates use of ‘gene’ which transfer patients through the central blood ‘immune cells’ is the main part of human body play from ears to brains fights against the symptoms sounds of miracles waves of Sea often medically known as ‘Glue ears’.

Thanks Portugal Citizen’s ‘Manoel Da Assumpcam’ for your guidance of direction to those who ever was blind in age of ignorance in India? Today ‘Allahu Akbar’ Five Times a days, where million of worth of not only taka but pounds saved instead of using British and U.S.A. made tablet ‘Seroxat’ to be taken five Times a days. Where British and U.S.A tablets mentioned ‘Ritual’ to be taken the authority of the States fool the members of ordinary public’s most patients suffer side effects drugs related symptoms rest of their entire life.

As seen in Russia nine month old boy body written name of Lord ‘Allah’ by ray of almighty light the ‘Laser Treatment’ after seen the colour of truth by Russian Medical Board says ‘No Answers?’ as N.H.S. East London Mental Health, St. Clement Hospital, London, Doctor R. Magnes.

In the Islands of Guernsey regret and sympathize never hear such favorites tune nor love songs but glory of ‘Her Britannic majesty’s’ see through mini-skirts revelation in the name of ‘LGBT’ medication and wave of Guernsey coasts with tablets ‘Seroxat’ to cure the disorder of victim of schizophrenia a disease which make most mental health illness patients acting as a deaf often unable to “hear" or tell the different between real and unreal in real life experiences, however, sounds of ‘Allahu Akbar’ Islamic Miracles voices reach far from individual’s hearts and brains nerves the music bring memory back into reality says Nistur Bandhu’s’ the Bangla song’s writer from Sylhet District. Most peoples are not ware of sounds can benefits in many ways which the States authority also not aware of medication.


The Islands of Guernsey years of tourists spending family holidays are far from diplomatic cry the island is still very dependent on tourism. Not as in Sylhet District, nation pay visit to see Yemina Refugee Graveyard, [Mazar Shariff] 366 days in a calendars years most often seen one candle sold thousands of times a days, more than any of Dacca or London stock exchange ever can record in history, only “Aggar Bathi” seen burning as ‘Indian gourmet’ of Guernsey, charcoal burns as ashes in the presences of whites towel of yeminia Refugee graveyard. The Most highly perfumed incense use to pay duration of visit as a token of respect by any cast or cultural visitors to the Holy Shine.


However, it's a different type of tourist in Guernsey tourist must think in the name of own Lord of paying visit to Sylhet District once was known Hindu Religion Governor Palace by God name ‘RAM’ ‘RAM’ was Ruling and Governing today Yemina Refugee graveyard is worth paying visit to the best friends of Lord Jesus Christ indeed In Sylhet District. Only less than ten miles away from the author of ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ by birth born. Less than two hour drives. The States of Guernsey Royal Magistrates Court Magistrates registered ’26—786’ guilty driver, Village.

And it very cheap where in Guernsey £200.00 for two person for only two nights blink of eyes days pass away in Bangladesh you can stay and enjoy just mention ‘Nistur Bandhu’ refer to visit Bangladesh and you will be treated as Kings or Queen of England with background of melody sounds of love songs five times a day more than one month the cost of two day in Guernsey and you get bless from Hozrot Shahajalal Awlia (RA) and his friends say in the name of Lord - “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”-- Jesus Christ. And his beloved father ‘Allah’ My Lord?”

By Bilingual’s Author of ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’.
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Author's Bio: 

Abdul Haye Amin is the author of new book of poetry in language English second collection of 'The Islands Historia De Amor' published by Xlibris Corporation. First Collection of Bangla poetry 'Nil Dariar Prem' published by Bonsai Prokashon, Raza Mansion, Zinda Bazar, Sylhet District, Bangladesh. Who has contributed articles to a wide variety of publications in various subjects literature in Bangla and in English world wide Internets portals websites news and many articles featured on Bing Internet news. The Islands Historia De Amor poetry inspired by Romantic, love, religion, culture, historic, politics, and in many subjects readers will find in spare times enjoyable to spend times?