According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics near about 0.5 to 0.7 million people have lost their jobs during the pandemic in the whole of Australia. The number is increasing as time passes by. Industries including airlines and travel, retail, finance, and so on are facing major economic setbacks, and employees are seen around jobless every now and then. This sudden upsurge of unemployment is bringing up a major issue of psychological disorder and mental illness among Australians. The stress of losing a job sometimes baffles the people so much that they seek professional psychiatrist consultation in Australia to cure their mental troubles.

The people in Australia are facing acute and long term mental illness due to the huge job loss amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Psychological disorder including severe depression, mental unrest, anxiety, stress somehow has become an indispensable part of many people’s lives. Already the panic of COVID-19 has brought about severe mental distress among all of us. Lockdown phases along with the emergence of multiple changes in our life which are considered as ‘new normal’ have disturbed the mental health condition of most of us. The loss of jobs has added more to it.

Sudden loss of jobs brings uncertainty, financial insecurities, and loneliness with it. Surveys revealed that this unemployment issue during COVID-19 has made most of the people vulnerable as they are taking immense mental stress. Telepsychiatry Services in Australia, therefore, are suggesting multiple ways that can help to keep mental health well. They are suggesting medications and therapies as per the intensity of the problem. As per the psychiatrists, the key emotional factors for such mental illness are anger, constant irritation, denial, depression, and so on. These issues become fatal if they are not taken care of properly on time.

Doctors prescribe certain things to these patients to deal with these symptoms. Talking to the close ones often helps a lot in releasing mental stress. If the case is more severe, the patients must go for psychiatrist consultations in Australia. Nowadays, as awareness about mental health is increasing, many support groups are now available around us. They can help at large in such cases of mental health due to the sudden loss of a job. These support groups include professional psychiatrists and therapists who can assist you to get out of your poor mental health condition. If the patient is not comfortable in going to a psychiatrist’s clinic or talking to the support group, telepsychiatry services can help. Telepsychiatry services in Australia allow you to have a consultation with a doctor regarding your psychological issues while staying at home maintaining privacy.

So, if you are the one, whose job has been taken away by COVID-19, and suffering from mental illness do not hesitate to ask for help. Go for proper psychiatric treatment and heal yourself at the earliest.

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