The fallopian tube is essential for women, especially for women's reproductive function. The oviduct is the channel for sperm to ascend, the place where fertilized eggs combine, and also the conduit for transporting fertilized eggs. If the fallopian tube is blocked, it is difficult to become pregnant.

How can we prove that the fallopian tube is open?

1. Pregnancy

The fallopian tube plays a vital role in women's fertility. When a woman is pregnant, which means it is open. Because the oviduct is the way for sperm to go up, the male sperm and the female egg combine in the oviduct. If the fallopian tube is blocked, the sperm and the egg will not meet, so the sperm will not be able to ascend, and the pregnancy will not be successful. If you are pregnant successfully, it will prove that the fallopian tube is open.

2. Salpingography

Salpingography is also a way to check whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed or not. During the radiography, observe the direction and distribution of the contrast agent to see whether the fallopian machine is open. If the path of the contrast agent is interrupted, it means that the fallopian pipe is blocked.

3. Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy can also check whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed. You can call Meilan by bus. If Meilan is discharged from the umbrella end of the fallopian tunnel, it means that the fallopian p is healthy. If Meilan cannot be discharged from the umbrella end, which means it is blocked. You can see whether the fallopian tube is healthy in this way.

4. Tubal fluid

Put a uterine tube from the uterine cavity and inject normal saline. If you can inject 10ml without reflux, the body does not have discomfort symptoms, and there is no pain, it means that the oviduct is open. If there is reflux, the body will have considerable discomfort, which means that the fallopian tube is blocked.

How should the blocked fallopian tubes be treated?

If you want to treat tubal obstruction, you must pay attention to which part of the blockage is. The fallopian tube is divided into four sections: interstitial part, isthmus part, ampulla part, and umbrella end. If the interstitium is blocked, operation or hysteroscopic wire guide can open it. If the ampulla or umbrella end is blocked, the laparoscopic surgery is an excellent choice.

If some hydrops and adhesion cause the blockage, people can take herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment without recurring and affecting pregnancy. If it can't be cleared after all kinds of operation, people can use IVF to achieve the purpose of pregnancy.

So don't panic or complain about yourself after you get the fallopian tube blockage. It's good to cooperate with the treatment actively. If it's not smooth, you can also use other ways to help conception, do not give yourself too much psychological burden.

The fallopian tube is essential for women, especially for those who want to have a baby. Only when the fallopian p is unobstructed can the success of pregnancy be guaranteed. If the fallopian pipe tube is blocked, women's fertility will be affected naturally.

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