Planning a press release and want to grab the attention of your audience in a big way? There are some specific elements that must be taken care of, then. Do you know what they are?

Many organizations are using the press release route to send their message across to their targeted audience because it is the fastest and simplest way of communicating with your readers. Digital marketers are using press releases as a key component of their marketing strategy to boost online visibility and achieve a better outcome for their SEO efforts.

It is important to note that a press release must not be used just as any other conventional digital marketing tools. It cannot be overtly promotional and must be presented as an information-sharing resource. Also, it has to adhere to a specific format to be accepted by the publishing mediums.

You can either try and make a detailed study of how to create a press release or sit back and relax and let a reputed press release writing and distribution service do the hard work for you. The second option is preferred by most organizations as it spares them the hassle of putting a press release together properly and also saves them time which can be used for making business-related tasks more efficient and productive.

There Are Six Key Elements That Make Up A Good Press Release:
•Body of the content
•CTA or Call to Action
•Contact Details


The headline of your press release is the hook to your main content and should be creative and enticing. It should grab the attention of readers and make them want to read the rest of the press release. This can be done by a clever mix of words and appealing data that can create a positive picture.


The introduction is also as important as the headline since it provides readers a summary of the press release. Busy journalists just scan the lines. That’s why your summary must have facts that get the media interested.

Main Body

The main body generally consists of more than a couple of paragraphs. It provides detailed information about the news you want to share. An established press release writing and distribution service will be able to create a powerful press release for your business by incorporating all the necessary data in an interesting manner.

This is where you should share facts and figures, stats, quotes, and other interesting details that can keep the readers engaged.


Boilerplate is that condensed paragraph of the press release where you share information about the company. You may include details about the specialization, USPs, vision, mission, and other such details that can help readers get an insight into the working of the organization.


It is important to include a subtle but clear call to action so that you can achieve the goals of your press release.

Contact Details

Finally, make sure that the contact details are clearly provided so that your company can be contacted by potential customers and journalists who might need more information.

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