There are several ways to earn a long term income on the internet but when working alone, by far the best strategy is to build an email contact list! It matters little what type of business you have in terms of products or services you offer since this strategy focuses on your efficiency and increasing sales!

Here are 3 significant benefits having an email contact list gives anybody working alone on the internet!

Time Efficient

For starters when working alone you must learn to make the best use of every moment and effort you invest into your business! Although everybody 'dreams' of being their own boss, once you take on that responsibility you'll soon realize how much work there is to be done since you need to do it all! The only way you can expect to make a profit is by increasing sales in any way possible and an email contact list will do this efficiently! As noted previously by emailing people you are now in direct contact with them allowing you to send useful information along with promotional messages! The best part is you are NOT competing with all the noise the internet has to offer increasing the chances your message is being heard!


Cost is always an issue for any entrepreneur working alone online and having an email contact list will help to increase your efficiencies in this area! Traffic generation and getting sales copy professionally written for you can be expensive but when you have the contact information of others your expenses can greatly be reduced! Enlisting the services of an auto-responder makes sending out messages to the people on your list both inexpensive and highly efficient as well!


One of the biggest obstacles that face marketers and even compels them to quit is a lack of income that leads to their increasing frustration! On the other hand due to the increased marketing effectiveness you typically experience with list members, increasing sales is relatively easy to do! This is very encouraging or empowering to anybody trying to build a successful business and serves to motivate them to continue their efforts!

One of the best ways to develop a long term income when working alone online is to build yourself an email contact list! Having the contact information of people who have already shown an interest in what you do opens the channels of communication DIRECTLY by emailing them information and offers! No where online will you find a more efficient way for increasing sales while also keeping yourself motivated and productive! The 3 benefits reviewed above tend to say it all however these are not the only ways this particular strategy will help boost your business! So when working alone, or even with a team of others, if increasing sales efficiently is intriguing to you, an email contact list is what you need!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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