Every person desires of becoming a good leader one day, though many of us don’t know the right approach to the perfect leadership.

The combination of the 5 elements of the star, when applied in your life will guide you to become the leader that can bring change to the world!

1) Self-Leadership

The 1st step towards a leadership is to lead you. Leadership is all about decisions and appraisal, so self-leadership starts when you’re sure about your decisions, have enough conclusions to support them, and are able to improve yourself through appraisals and feedbacks. Remember: A Leader can be wrong, but he can’t be surprised. A leader accept mistakes and never blames them on others.

A leader never leaves his people in any situation, whether it’s stressful times or celebration times. A leader always gives credit to his team. He should be a man of word, and should stand firmly on his ground facing the objections. The most important quality, credibility and motivating. Credibility of a leader builds reputation among his people, and motivation to the people brings a positive vibe to the workplace.

There are endless qualities of a good leader, but the important facts that creates a great leader are EXPERIENCE,GOALS AND VISION. Accepting challenges, completing the task, acknowledging the mistakes, and improving on them is the basic step towards leadership, that you should perform in order to become an effective leader.

2) Recruit

The second most important element for an effective leader is the people around him. A leader can’t lead without the support of a good team. So, when you’ve started leading you, search for people who can faithfully support your mission and help you accomplishing your goals. But the selection of the RIGHT people creates a difference between every leader. If you choose people who have difference of opinion with you, or have different goals, then you’re wasting your time.

Recruitment makes it simple to lead. When you’re surrounded with visionaries, innovation and mission accomplishment becomes easy. Leadership is not only about leading people, it’s about leading the RIGHT people. So recruit the best professionals that can help you achieve the goals and half of your work is done here.

3) Delegate

When you’ve recruited the right people around you, the next important element is delegation. Every great corporation has thousands of employees, but what makes it successful is delegation. In summary, delegation means assigning the right job to the right person. I’ve seen many examples of improper delegation. E.g. in one of the software corporations, a highly efficient post graduate employee was assigned the job of paper work regarding the bug reports! He didn’t study to do paperwork! he thought it as a wastage of his talent, and left the corporation. The next corporation assigned him the post of software developer, which is the right use of delegation!

Improper delegated corporations have no future, but if you want to be a good leader you need to understand and value the talent of your employees and assign the right job to them, which eventually lead to better workplace efficiency and team repo. So delegate carefully!

4) Ethical code

You’ve recruited the best people for your team, assigned them the job that best suits them, and they’re working with full efficiency, because they love to work with a leader like you! But leadership never ends here, and the most important element comes into action- The ethical code. Every system needs some rules and regulations to govern effectively, and that’s the role of ethical code. In the public systems, laws play a role in controlling the citizens, while in corporation as a leader it’s your responsibility to bind the people with an ethical code.

Ethical code is not meant to bound the employees, or to control them according to the leader’s will. But the ethical code should be designed to bind the employees. The mission statement, vision and goals of the team should be kept in mind while designing an ethical code e.g. a restaurant chain has a mission statement “To serve the customers with a quality service and bring happiness through our delicious food”, so this mission statement should be kept in mind to make the ethical code. Employees should be acknowledged that they’re responsible for the quality service and great food, and they shouldn’t ignore the mission. The mission statement should be strong enough to act and unite all the employees. So that every employee coordinates with the team to accomplish the mission.

The ethical code unites every employee towards a common goal, and also awares them of the consequences of ignoring the code. Every employee, of any level should follow the code and it’s violation is considered an offence, for any level of employee. In this way, the code unites every individual of the corporation and mission accomplishment gets easier.

5) Appraise

Every element has done its job to accomplish the mission, but a great leader completes by the 5th element, appraisal. When you accomplish the task, start evaluation, what were the strategies that helped you achieve the goal, can they work in future? What were the mistakes along the way and how can you improve them? How was the team cooperation and coordination, did the ethical code play the role it was meant to? Which employee outperformed and how? which employee underperformed and why? The biggest task that you can do is to get the feedback from your people regarding your leadership and vision.

Last but not the least : CELEBRATE THE SUCCESS. Celebrating boosts the moral of the employees and helps them to work harder next time. Celebration is an effective way of expressing importance of the hard work done by your employees and the value of the results. So celebrate and motivate them to get hungry for more work!

Finally these 5 elements can teach you a lot about leadership, Remember: A leader never stops learning!

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Shakti Pradhan is an aspiring technopreneur,determined to help the professionals through his unique thought approach of 7Quotients.In his life of 22 years,He’s researched on the lifestyle of the successful people around the globe,discovered what makes them so much successful in personal as well as professional life!Fascinated by the application of 7Qs by many entrepreneurs and celebrities,He’s also spreading this message to the public through his blog http://the7quotients.wordpress.com telling others about these quotients which can change their lives and lead them to success.