Just rewind back to when you were a child and you used to play with Barbie and Ken dolls. If you were a boy, you probably played with small action figures like He-Man and GI Joe. You put so much imagination into those toys. After all, you needed to bring them to life. Each toy had a story line, plot, and character arc that would put the best writers in Hollywood to shame. Many of us can’t succeed in the law of attraction and love because we’ve lost our sense of imagination. We are no longer pretending to be picture perfect action figure dolls. Now, we are demented characters who are twisted and torn by the plight of our own imaginations.

I believe that the Joker said it best. “Why so serious? Let us carve a smile into that face.” Of course, we don’t want to be as demented and as crazy as the joker. But sadly, many of us are almost there. Alright, so maybe were not murderers or psychopaths, but our behaviors can get really crazy when we don’t properly address our issues. We cover up our unhappiness, our misery, and disappointment with cracked war paint. The paint serves as a reminder of all the battles we’ve fought, lost, and won in past relationships. We can’t move forward and begin to understand the law of attraction and love, until we really begin to understand the pain that we are covering up inside. So many of us wrap a homemade bandage around the wound, so we can keep going. But that’s the wrong answer.

We cannot enter a new relationship when we are badly wounded. In our hearts we want to attract love, but the pain will not allow us to. We may very well manifest men who are handsome and are as perfect as a Ken plastic doll, but may massacre our self-worth and confidence like Leather Face with a chain saw. We might be attracted to women who look like Barbie, but the attraction can turn fatal when the feeling is not reciprocated. Our character plots and story lines can take a turn for the worse, when we are not aligned with who we really are inside. When we approach our lovers and relationships like they’re toys, our imaginations will get the best of us. We will start to tell ourselves that we are not worthy, that they are going to leave us, that they don’t love us. We begin to write our own stories, and the plots changes where we begin to push our partners away.

What’s the solution to all of this? Take control of your imagination. Understand that everything in your life is a reflection of who you are inside. The law of attraction and love is all about becoming a creator. You need to become the creator of your life. So if you truly want to find love, you have to look inside of yourself. As children, we played with dolls. We brought them to life with our own story lines and imaginations. Only, the dolls were just a mere reflection of who we were inside. We were discovering our selves through our imaginations, and we were happy doing so. So hit rewind and think of your childhood, before the wars and relationship battles, before all the wounds and pain, before all of the feelings of uncertainty and unworthiness, and tap into an imagination that brought you so much bliss and happiness. This is the secret to the law of attraction and love.

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