I recently came across a perfect example of how the law of attraction works. There was a freshman in high school who decided that he wanted to earn a letterman’s jacket in his first year of school. This freshman knew that he would have a fairly good chance of doing so by playing baseball, since he had played it for many years already. He changed his goal to earn this distinction in an entirely different sport, just to prove that he could. The freshman decide that he was going to try earning it in a sport he had never tried before: wrestling. Little did he know that he would be working harder than he ever had in his life during those first few weeks of practice in order to get into tip top physical condition. During only the second day of practice, he seriously considered quitting the team. Then he imagined walking down the halls of his school in his letterman jacket, and how proud he would feel to have earned it. From that point on, any time his thoughts went to how hard things were for him, he would change his thought patterns around to the positive rewards of what he was going to achieve. From there, he began to see not just the jacket, but saw himself winning matches rather than just participating in them. Slowly but surely, he began to see these grueling practices not as hard work, but as steps he needed to take to succeed in his goals. As the season progressed, he began to improve and make a name for himself. He found that he was achieving his goal even before he had reached his initial goal. He used the law of attraction to rid his mind of the negative and instead fill it with the positive, and the universe responded in kind by giving him the positive he was looking for.

The law of attraction is a very simple concept to define. In the universe, like attracts like. By filling your mind with positive, you will attract the positive to you. This is easy to accomplish if you are willing to change your own thought patterns. If you look at a situation in its negative aspect, you are going to only see it for the negative. The wrestler learned this during his practices. If he viewed them strictly as the hard work they were, then they became nothing more than work. Hard work can become monotonous and difficult to look forward to. No one wants to try to do something fun only to find out that it is only hard work. An attitude like that will end up with nothing but losses and brick walls preventing you from moving forward. By invoking the law of attraction, you will be able to change the way that you look at that hard work. No work is ever done just for the sake of work. You work hard for a reward of some kind, no matter how insignificant that reward may seem to others. Be it money for a job well done, a positive attitude for seeing the reasoning for the work, or a sense of pride for the completion of a job, your reward will be what it is that keeps you going when you are ready to just throw in the towel. By keeping your reward in mind, you will be able to use the law of attraction to change that task from hard work to another step toward your goal.

The law of attraction isn’t really magic. Ultimately, if used the right way, it isn’t even mystical. The law of attraction is quite simply changing the way you view and think about the things around you. If you eliminate the negative thoughts regarding your circumstances, you will eliminate the negative results that go along with them. Reprogramming your mind to see each obstacle as a chance to learn or grow, you will find that there are no more negative circumstances, only learning exercises that will get you closer to your goals. This is how to get the law of attraction to work for you, and eliminate the negative from your life.

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Richard is a Master Practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Neurological Re-patterning™. He is also the co-founder of New You Life Coaching.

Because his interests stem from philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and leadership, Rich’s coaching style incorporates a rare and ingenious approach to understanding and empowering you in an insanely effective manner.