The Law of Attraction works on a vibrational level, we are all living within a vibrational Universe, ourselves included. Manifestation is happening at every moment and it is simply a matter of matching the vibrational frequency of that which we want and it will be drawn to you.

However, what we all really want is love and to be happy and not necessarily the things that we think we want. When you strip everything away such as Fear and all that fear encompasses, you return to unconditional love, which is our natural state of being. In fact that is our one true purpose, to return to love in as many different experiences throughout our journey.

Coming from a space of gratefulness and being in the flow of abundance is what will bring your emotional and materialistic desires into your life as opposed to wanting or needing these things in order to feel happy, because as the Law of Attraction dictates, resonating with feelings of lack and negativity only creates more lack and negativity.
So the thing to focus on is resonating with unconditional love and allowing the abundance to flow into your life.

There in lies the problem for most of us and why it seems so hard to get what we want, because we tend to get bogged down in the things that we feel are going wrong, the daily stress, feeling powerless and without the tools and understanding to shift our attention to all that is to be grateful for.

As you begin to look at gratitude in a new light, as not only a way to feel happier now, but also as a major aspect of getting what you want to show up in life, you will see just how powerful love is.

It may take some time, because we are literally conditioned throughout our entire lives, programmed with lack and scarcity; that we must struggle to get what we want, never really feeling the abundance that is all around us, the miracle of life.

This is why it is a good idea to identify and clear our limiting beliefs about who we are and the ideas we hold about life, so that we can come to a place that supports unconditional love, which of course starts with loving ourselves first.

When we are aligned with our source and connect with our heart, attracting things in the physical that we want, becomes easy, because we are vibrating on a high level of love, and happiness is already apart of our daily experience; it is then a matter of identifying our goals or more specifically the things that we enjoy based on our unique preferences and taking action on the realisation of those goals.

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