This is a literal board (mine is a cork board about 3 feet by 2 feet that I picked up at an office supply store) with pictures of the life you want.
The key is to take the time to sit down and first write out on paper the dreams for your life. ALL of them, even the big ones you have never told anyone and have been too afraid to dream. Really take the time to imagine your life with no boundaries, or limits (this is very difficult at first and goes against our “rational mind” but it’s the most important step to success). Pretend that it’s 5 years from now, you have been given a blank check and you are going about a “normal” day in your new life. What does that look like? Envision each category of your life, health, family, finances, dreams, leisure ect. What does an
average day in your ideal life look like? What does it feel like? Does imagining that make you happy? If so, now you’re ready to make your board!
Go find images of what that experience FEELS like. Google images will allow you to search on the phrase so you can get exactly the image you want to remind you of that mini movie you just created in your head.
For example: One of the biggest pictures on my first board was a picture of Times Square in NYC. Before I put it up I imagined how it would sound, what it smelt like, how small I would feel standing in the middle and looking up at those huge jumbo screen’s. I got chills imagining it. Then every time I looked at the picture I played that little movie and smiled. So when the moment came and I was standing in the middle of Time Square I closed my eyes and replayed that movie, I smiled the biggest smile, and drank in my Pinch Me Moment.
So the image is not tied to a “how” or something literal, it’s simply a reminder of the internal movie/vision you created of the feeling you want to have.
Remember that there is NO limit to what you can dream. This board represents everything you want out of life. It’s your goals it’s your dreams, so don’t unintentionally squash them.
This is now your Future Board. Don’t worry at all about how any of this will happen. Just know that at some point in your life you will be standing in the middle of your movie. Don’t forget to recognize and enjoy the moment.

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Sarah Centrella is a Writer, author of the blog Thoughts.Stories.Life.Single mom of 3, on a mission to inspire & motivate by sharing my journey and Law of Attraction success. She is a corporate career women, life coach and motivational speaker.