The Universe has many laws that people understand, but I'm going to talk to you about the opposite of the Law of Attraction, the Secret that everyone has been talking about for 3 years now. There is an unspoken Law of Repulsion and since no one knew much about it, I figured I'd discover it.

Now, I've used it more than I want to think. I wished it didn't exist, but it does. And I have proof. I was born under a great star, according to the spacy astrologers, so why did I turn blue at birth and almost die. Get Rheumatic Fever, and repel health and get a life full of illnesses that would make my immune system struggle. While I'm 63, still surviving and still teaching people to watch out for that Law of Repulsion. So, lets talk about the most important things that I've repelled

Try the example of my car keys. Before my wife put a small nail in the wall to hang the car keys, the car keys were under the influence of the law of repulsion. Believe it or not, before that nail by the door, I'd lose them, repel them, and maybe they'd show up under a bureau, in the cats soccer game, in the big box on the shelf that I keep change in, by the TV, in the grocery bag, but more likely I repel them so far that they wind up at the bottom of the washing machine in the local laundry. No matter what I did to try to keep track of (a lighter form of say attracting) my keys, they were unconsciously repelled and sometimes I even found them in the ashtray of my locked car, don't ask - its that repulsion law.

Then one day, I decided to study the universal laws to see whether I would pass the Universal Bar Exam and see if I'd reach the Limit and become a Guru of Universal Law.

I had already mastered the law of repulsion, car keys, job interviews (didn't get those jobs), premature expulsion of relationships (yikes, even before I scored a goal, and it still cost me a dinner!). Truly I was a master of the law of repulsion. I was blowing it and the law of repulsion had impacted my personal life. In business, I was in purchasing and sales, and back then I always told the clients or departments I worked with that deliveries would be on time. I knew the factories and they were okay but, from knowing the industry and trucking business during blizzards, from years of experience - I knew in my heart of hearts that things wouldn't always be on-time. A blizzard would come in and trucks got blocked in. I was beginning to attract things I feared, late deliveries at work. Yes, I attracted them. I attracted them with my thoughts. I was however a problem solver: I would fly to the factories, rent a big truck and drive south to where the roads were open, then east and back to the big apple ! I was a great problem solver, and driving through mid America was very relaxing, and I could listen to audios and empower my thoughts for success.

That's when I thought, what will I do, if I made a big sum of money? So, I did it, and then I took a two month vacation and thought, what could I do with this extra money I have - I invested it and a company and decided to run the company. I bought it, at age 26, without an accountant and lawyer, and it had problems; big, big, problems for a little, little business. So, I lost all the money, I watched it all go away. I was repelling what I wanted the most -- success. I repelled a live-in girl friend, lots of lovers, and wound up working an hourly job in Miami, then Bridgeport, and then I begged a friend to give me a chance with a sales position. And I proved that my mind could create, for me, any opportunity for me to be the money magnet non-stop for years and years.

So, for a few years I mastered the law of repulsion. And then, it was time for me to use the law of attraction, and I did just that and even read things about it. Yes, that was 33 years ago, before the Secret was even conceived of. Prosperity, riches, money, property, sports cars, speedboats, houseboats, anything I wanted I got, I just didn't quite understand what I was doing. What I did was reverse the law of repulsion - and I thought positively powerfully on target . And I discovered that my thoughts were amazingly powerful. I saw something, I wanted it, I got it. Either it was given to me as a gift, or I got a great deal of money to buy things; I was even dripping in solid gold jewelry for a time when I thought that display of wealth was important - it isn't.

What turned out to be the golden ring in my life's seeking --- was knowledge, the one thing that God gave us the skill to learn here on Earth. And the greatest knowledge of all "what I think, feel, see, and know in my heart that I want" I get. You will also learn that your heart is the magnetic power, and the emotion is desire, and the overall category is love. So, in truth all we need is love.

Later on in the series, well talk about getting hit by lightening while I was studying spiritual psychology which opened up my mind, and gave me the saying: Sometimes a guy has to be struck by lightning to become open minded.

Dr. Jay Polmar is an author of more than 45 books in 5 languages and through his experiences has written ThinkRight which will save you the trouble of interacting with the law of repulsion and lead you right on the path of attracting what you really, really want.

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