What do you really want? Once you get clear about this the Law of Sacrifice comes into play.

Many do not know. We have been more focused and programmed to talk about and dwell on what we don’t want. As we really entertain what we want, our focus sharpens and we grow in our awareness that we can have the life of our dreams if we can begin to imagine it. Then we realize another major truth; once we know what we want and we look at what we’ve gotten so far we have new choices to make. We are going to have to change some things as we proceed. Our old life will not give us the life we now desire. It is no longer a good fit. What must we give up? Sometimes it can seem huge. We think of sacrifice as giving up something and then having less when in fact the exact opposite is true. We gain so much more when we give up something that no longer serves our new vision. This is a marvelous law that has to do with self-growth and discipline.

This universal law basically says we must give up something of a lesser value to attain something of a greater value. Figuring out what the lesser value is can be problematic.

Many people look outside themselves towards others and do what they feel they “should” and not what they truly want. This can become habitual. It often leaves people wondering how to make choices that empower them when they may have lost sight of who they are.

Another issue we face frequently is over-commitment and feeling out of balance. When we over-commit and say” yes“when we really want to say “no”, resentment is common towards friends, family and co-worker because of our inability to set better boundaries. Ultimately we are angry at ourselves. Once we know and have that crystal clear vision of what we really want we prioritize our day. We begin to take time for greater self care. We pursue what makes us feel alive and produces a heightened sense of well-being. We begin to apply The Law of Sacrifice yet it does not feel like a sacrifice at all. It becomes a choice for something we value more. We grow in self discipline and self-confidence and life becomes brighter and more fulfilling. We begin to ask what we must stop doing so we get the results we truly desire.

Seven years ago I was not living from my passion. I was an unhappy social worker no longer loving my chosen career. Feeling stuck and sinking to an all time low, I stayed many more years until a defining “wake-up call” changed that forever. My bad habits were numerous. The couch and TV were my nighttime companions. Reality TV reigned. American Idol was at the top of my list.

After my wake-up call everything began to change rapidly. I discovered my passion again in coaching and finally had a new direction and purpose. There was a renewed sense of energy, hope and faith. Life was exhilarating! There was no longer any time for my old companions-the couch and TV. It was no sacrifice to give up watching TV altogether, even American Idol. I knew what I wanted and pursed it whole-heartily.

Today, 7 years later, I have built a good business where I have the privilege and opportunity to impact many people while continually growing and learning. The sacrifice, discipline and growth have been more than worth it.

What do you need to sacrifice in your life right now? What no longer serves you and keeps you from your passion? It first boils down to the initial question asked; what do you REALLY want? Once you decide the rest follows, often with ease and grace.

Author's Bio: 

Valerie has trained and mentored with some of the top mentors in the field of success and spirituality, (Mary Morrissey, Paul Martinelli and Bob Proctor)

Valerie believe that it's never too late to be the person you were meant to be. We are born perfect with genius capacities and programmed for mediocrity. Yet it is our birthright to live life with purpose, passion and prosperity.

She personally left a lucrative state job to follow her passion and is growing a successful business. She has mentored and coached 100's of people. Valerie knows what it is like to feel "stuck" in a career that you no longer love and not know what to do next. Because of this experience and how she took a leap of faith, Valerie is uniquely qualified to help others going through similar experiences. Valerie understands firsthand how limiting beliefs can hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

The programs Valerie offers are structured and vision driven and combine positive psychology, the spiritual side of success and well known and proven success principles and give people results.