Laziness and studies both of these terms have a huge impact on a student’s life, and when two of them mix together they create a poor taste of academic grades.
Many parents are clueless why a student gets excited over a videogame or watching movies but whenever it comes to study they procrastinate. Bad grades of students who are lazy regarding their academics are bothersome.
From a wide researched perception reasons like no motivation, fear, stepping out of a comfort zone, not understanding the urgency of studying drive student’s to prioritize studies less and giving importance to other extra-curricular activities more, on top that laziness serves more to the part.
There are strategies through which lazy students can use their laziness to their benefits:


For example- sitting with a book for hours and hours, without learning anything and without any objective wouldn’t do much good to you, now if you study for half an hour’s with full focus, it may not help to complete the chapter within a day but it is certainly way better than not studying anything and lagging around. Your brain is capable of storing more information when it is fresh.

Last night studying:

What’s the point of looking through the textbook again and again when your brain cannot format any more information, where the aftereffect is you forget what you have already prepared. Previous night preparation of the complete syllabus and paperwork should be avoided at any cost. Actually, there is less need to study if you prepared your subject right, rather slowly revise.

Create habits:

Lots of people state that you need a regimen or discipline to study. Let’s say a ‘BIG NO’ to this. Studying is a matter which completely depends on your brain and concentration. Create a habit of studying every day little by little, don’t rush if you feel like you can’t take any more in your head close the textbook and relax. Also little by little does not mean five or ten minutes at least try to study for one hour or half an hour. After that, if you feel your brain junked up then stop.

Concentrate on parts that are fun to you:

You know why you love video games because it has strategies, strategies to defeat the enemy or to win the game. Just like studying with strategies is more fun, concentrate on the parts which are pleasurable. Lots of students lose interest because they have to learn things which they do not enjoy or find interesting. Focusing on the parts which are pleasurable makes it easier to learn faster.

Don’t procrastinate:

Stop storing chapters that you don’t like for later, rather complete those chapters now, as we say it’s always good to complete unpleasant things quicker. Learn easier chapters later. Stop procrastination, the thought of you will study or not study is time-consuming.

Try new and easy ways of studying:

If you are lazy with paperwork or solving textual questions, start getting paper help. It provides a much easy way of learning and solving questions. In online tutoring courses doing less and learning more happens.

Avoid Stress:

Every student’s biggest problem is stress. Overworking, overstudying lead to unwanted stress rather than relaxes during your exam times; eliminate things that do not work for you. It’s not logical to overwork or overstudies, logically finding efficient techniques can give good grades.
Having faith and putting effort is a lethal weapon. Remember being a Productive lazy student is far better than just a lazy student who does not give any effort to anything.

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Kaylee Brown is a writer, teacher, and subject matter expert working with a reputed academic writing firm.