Since the legalization of marijuana in Sunrise in 2016, a lot has changed for patients suffering from debilitating diseases. Marijuana has introduced patients to new ways to have good health.  Although marijuana is now legal and many people are benefiting themselves by using this botanical drug but many people are still confused about getting a medical marijuana card. MyFloridaGreen was established in 2016 to help patients get their medical marijuana card sunrise and easily use correct dosages of marijuana to get maximum health benefits. We have listed the top advantages of getting medical marijuana card Sunrise.

Marijuana approved dispensaries sell only quality products. Testing is carried out in the state-approved laboratory to ensure there are no contaminants like pesticides or fungus spores. The product is also checked for potency. All approved dispensaries are subject to comply with strict controls in terms of safety and quality.
       The medical marijuana card is the only way to get quality products and keep products of a black market out. The worst thing about black market products is they are illegals and may be contaminated.
Marijuana helps you to avoid pharmaceutical drugs which can sometimes be very deadly.
It will reduce your medical expenses and doctor visits
Easy access to marijuana products.
You will be relaxed as you know your products are coming from a safe source and police won't kick you for using marijuana.

Type of marijuana:

Marijuana strains are divided into three categories.

Sativa strains: provide energy as the content of CBD is high
Indica strains: higher THC provides greater relieve in anxiety and stress
Hybrid strains: effect depends on characteristics inherited from parent strains. The effect can be somewhere between Sativa strains and Indica strains.

Marijuana products:

o   Flowers: used for smoking and vaping

o   Vape pens cartridges: use with a regular vape pen and enjoy health benefits

o   Creams and lotions: treat localized pains and other skin conditions

o   Concentrates: used for fast and powerful reliefs

o   Oils: used to treat serious conditions and normally taken under tongue in pure form or with carrier oils.

Medical Marijuana card Sunrise:

The first step to use medical marijuana is to get your hands-on medical marijuana card Sunrise. If you are a valid resident of Florida having a proof for verification of residency you just have to follow the below written steps.

The first and foremost step is to get your qualifying medical condition assessed from a licensed marijuana doctor. A doctor will write your recommendation based on how marijuana can be used to improve your condition.
After seeing your complete medical history the doctor will enter your name and other information in Florida marijuana use registry commonly known as The Compassionate Care Registry. 
After that, you can submit your application or you can have the doctor submit it on your behalf. Fee for applying for the card is $75 whereas the fee of physician depends on location and doctor’s experience.

Qualifying conditions:

As per amendment 2 following conditions qualify for getting marijuana in Sunrise.

Crohn’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Chronic muscle spasms
Multiple sclerosis
Any condition of the same severity as determined by the recommending physician

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