Through the Lens
Feeling drawn to write another article expressing the value of my Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice. Since beginning my regular TM practice almost 10 years ago I've noticed many changes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These articles are an attempt to share my experiences in these areas.

Sometimes it's a little tricky finding the words to express myself about stuff like this. So here goes. Almost ten years ago I learned TM, maybe because that ten year mile marker is coming around, I find myself aware of the changes this regular practice has brought to me. In case you don't know TM, or Transcendental Meditation is a simple meditation technique taught by a qualified teacher, practiced for 20 minutes twice (in the morning and afternoon) a day. It's a mantra based practice, meaning there's nothing to concentrate on or contemplate. Practicing TM has nothing to do with a religious practice and folks choose to learn it for many reasons, most often health related. It has been, (thus far) the primary "go to" tool to help manage stress in my life. I've regularly made time in my day, twice a day to sit and enjoy this and I could go on and on about all the joy my meditation practice has brought me.

Today I was looking out the window, it's like the quintessential early summer day; sunny, breeze, low 70's, just a perfect slice of heaven and as I looked out I was just so aware of everything happening out there. I keenly "saw" all of it; the breeze stirring each leaf, the robin hopping in the grass, the incredible blueness of the sky, the sounds of the wind stirring, the bug with little red marks on its shell, crawling on the window. It felt like I was seeing/perceiving it all for the very first time...but of course I wasn't...and yet I was. Also even though there are sounds; of cars, kids, birds, wind I am aware of so much silence as well. It is a wonderful experience. Noticing this made me think how, in general, my TM practice has helped to foster more of this "seeing" or noticing. Sometimes it's like I feel someone has cleaned off the lens of my perception, the way you'd clean off smudged and smeared eyeglasses.

This experience has been happening for years and yet there are times when it's more acutely felt, like today and it's cumulative, so it's always growing and building. Accompanying this clear perception is often a wonderful feeling of well being and contentment. I truly believe this experience of keener perception is a result of my consistent TM practice. Each time I meditate, where I am essentially transcending thought, I'm clearing another layer of smudge or dirt off of my lens of perception, making it clearer, cleaner to see in and out of - it is a subtle and slow process. it also seems to translate into more easy and flow in everything else I do.

So that's it for now, thanks for reading.

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All my life I've been curious and questioned the beliefs we (that I) have about life, I've sought experiences that have help me know a deeper part of myself, of God or the divine and found many teacher and tools that have assisted in that process. It has been incredible, fluid and evolutionary. I like to write and share my experiences. Enjoy life!