The Life of A Vision: Bring Your Images To Life

Do you have a Life Vision that brings your images to life? What ideas do you have that will take your ‘soul purpose’ and let it flourish? A Vision lives outside of artificially imposed boundaries that are laid out by societal norms. If you want to give your vision life, then free your heart and soul to travel outside of contemporary boundaries to let your image lead the way.

Innovative ideas come to mind in many ways; it is up to you to recognize them as potentially viable! This may require that you summon up a great deal of courage and Faith if you are the vehicle by which to see them through. However, once the ideas are nurtured and given enough time to mature into that unique life - vision, all of the work to bring them to fruition will soon feel more like a child at play.

It is oftentimes said that when you find the work you love, that you’ll never have to work another day in your life. Have you ever wondered how many of us find this to be true? When your work feels like play and you derive deep joy, fulfillment and inspiration from it, it ‘s as if you’ve been gracefully transported through time. Time feels as if it is standing still when you are deeply immersed in your soul’s creative expression. Work and creativity naturally go hand in hand when you discover this experience for yourself. The irony of this reality is that time is actually moving on more quickly than one would think. The truth at all times is that: The time you have is always just NOW and NOW is always the time.

When you realize that you are infinitely creative, you begin to set into motion the image on its journey. What I mean by this is that this journey takes on a life of it’s own. You can certainly pray for guidance, meditate for the highest possible outcome and set forth all good intentions and then its really about just letting go! When the vision is meant to be the details of the how’s and why’s become irrelevant and less burdensome. As author Andy Stanley, Pastor has captured the essence of this process in his book entitled “Visioneering” (1999). It’s a great word that seems to capture it all. The aspects of manifestation have already been put into place well before all our time….they have remained dormant in the unseen world until ready to be seen.

Trust that your vision will show you what you need to see. It will keep prompting you as the details evolve in unexpected, delightful ways. Visionaries always find the way to pave their path as guided by the spirit of evolution. The compelling power of Spirit moves us all by Faith. This Inner Inspiration aligned with Spiritual guidance helps us when we need to take a leap of Faith. There is never a promise to show us the total picture. Faith means walking the path of the unknown. Faithful discovery leads to all our evolution, which is always a work in progress.

You may almost wonder. How will you know that you hold a true Vision? You’ll know because it’s not something that can or should be done. It just becomes something that is done through the creative channels of unmistakable source energy. The source is the spiral of infinite knowledge and purpose that unfolds into the destiny of the future now. A vision often has a sense of urgency because there is a timely, moral component inherent in the blueprint of its design. This blueprint is what drives the source energy through its channel. When this energy begins flowing, then the image travels at its own speed on its own forward journey. There is a peace and wonder in knowing that Spiritual laws plus Inner Inspiration can create momentum to bring such vision to life.

Set your heart and soul free. Take that Leap of Faith!

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Moreen’s holistic Mind, Body, Spirit philosophy integrates traditional and alternative modalities in all of her endeavors. As a NJ Licensed Social Worker (MSW), she has worked in both clinical and non- clinical settings with individuals of all age.

She brings her unique presence into practice. She is an intuitive, authentic individual who communicates on a soul-to-soul level. She offers individual Life Purpose and Career Coaching (certified by The Life Purpose Institute). She uses a Strength’s Based Approach so that others may access the best of themselves. She has additional trainings in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Level II), Masters’ level Reiki II and Parenting Education.

She has a passion for reading and writing metaphysical, and self-help literature.

Publications: “Self Trust, Self Care, Self Signature” Chapter 23 in The Confident Woman: Tapping Into Your Inner Power. Professional Woman Publishing, Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman 2013.

To be released (January 2014): “Rebalance Your Reality”, Chapter in The Female Leader. Professional Woman Publishing, Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman.

Co-author Your Heart’s Magical Journey. A meditative, inspirational book dedicated to children of all age. It uses the earth’s treasures as guides to foster self-knowledge, self-esteem while promoting health and balance. (In process)

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