If like attracts like, then what do you see surrounding you at this time? Someone once said to me, if you want to know to what you're committed, just take a look around you. They are words I have never forgotten, and they can raise my spirit, or other times can leave me a little flat. Depending on how I interpret my surroundings in the moment.

Another suggestion, associated with the like attracts like phenomenon, is that of giving more love if love is what you are seeking, generosity when wealth is what you are after, being a great friend if you value your friendships. This removes you from a wanting or needy state, and back to where creative responsibility truly lies: with you.

We all know these to be truths, when we observe our lives, yet do we consciously take them on board as a way of living, and as path to achieving the things we want to accomplish? It is logical that if you want to live with greater awareness and live in a more enlightened way, then be mindful to envelop yourself with those things that support keeping you in a state of awareness and enlightenment.

Given that it is our mind registering all the things that surround us, and that the thinking of our mind is in the form of words and pictures, then our interpretation of what we see is paramount. It is one reason that gratitude journals and visualization tools are so effective. In the moment of recording those things for which we feel gratitude, we fill our mind with the upside of our lives. That compounds, every time we do it. The mind creates new neural pathways, changing our possibly negative perceptions to deliberately generated, affirmative patterns of thought.

Consider then how else you use language to interpret the things surrounding you each day. How do you think the cells of your body might logically respond to the words: I am starving? What image does that conjure? Would it cause a shift in the cellular and chemical response of your body if instead, you were to tone that down, and use the words: I am hungry? New words, new pictures, evoking empowering emotions.

What do you see around you, and what do you take on board emotionally, when you say to yourself: I have no money? Try this at home! Look around your home and say those words several times over. Do you notice what your mind is picking up and tuning in to? Now, try the flip side of that exercise, allowing at least five minutes to just be with it. This time, walk around your home saying: I am so wealthy. What did you notice?

You can use that very simple exercise with anything you like. Walk around for an afternoon, with the words: I am so alone. Then try it differently, and this time repeating the words: I have so many wonderful people sharing in my life. You may even be surprised by a few external manifestations of how like really does attract like.

There are so many ways in which you can become more attractive to the things you want to bring into your life. It all comes down to the emotions you feel, and these are triggered by thoughts created from the words you hear, and pictures you see. Every cell of your body responds to the emotions. Your body produces chemical, and therefore physical changes with each feeling that you experience.

The way we can manage emotion is with our thoughts, and you can help that along by shifting your interpretation of what you see and experience. You can also be much more vigilant with what you feed your mind, from external sources included. We can so easily fall into automatic patterns of thought, because we have had years of practising! It is going to take conscious action on your part to manage those thoughts, and remodel mind patterns if that is needed.

All this does not need to be hard work. For example, carry a number of one hundred dollar notes in your wallet at all times, so when you open the wallet you are not negatively triggered by a possibly low amount of money that you might otherwise see. At the end of each day, record at least five things for which you are grateful, in this way you will not look back on a less than satisfactory day and associate negativity, and taking that into your dreaming.

By keeping track of accomplishments, and listing at least one hundred of those at the end of a year, avoids the scenario of looking back over the year and being despondent over where that time went, and what you may imagine you did not get to do. As an aside to that, have you noticed that televised programs that present reflections over a past year, give to us a collection of the most highly dramatized, often negative events of the year?

Like attracts like, so set up your habits and the things in your environment to help you be someone that upbeat people love to be around. More opportunities and courageous living shows up around those kinds of friends. If you consciously work at interpreting your environment with the glass half full mindset, your skin and body posture will eventually reflect these positive emotions, through chemical shifts brought about by those states of being. Who and what, do you think, are most attracted to you? Look around you and you will have your answer, harsh or too fantastic, as that may seem.

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