We have a critical message for you today. It will take you 60 seconds to read it. Don’t say there’s not enough time. For you or someone else (share it), this message will be life-changing.

A few truths we’d like to remind you of:

Asking to get paid when you’ve earned it is not “greedy”.

Resting when your body needs it is not “lazy”.

Making mistakes is not “dumb”.

Being afraid is not “chicken”.

Being proud of yourself is not “arrogant”.

Sharing your natural gifts and talents doesn’t make you “self-centered”.

Having money doesn’t make you “selfish”.

Lacking money doesn’t make you “worthless”.

Being bigger than a size 2 is not “too big”.

Being smaller than a size 4 is not “too small”.

Trusting someone isn’t “gullible”.

Not trusting someone isn’t “jaded”.

Eating chocolate cake isn’t “careless”.

Eating a salad isn’t “vain”.

Being different isn’t “aloof”.

Blending in isn’t “boring”.

Chasing your dreams isn’t “aggressive”.

Sharing your opinions isn’t “bossy”.

Having a disability isn’t “incapable”.

Being good at something isn’t “lucky”.

Having a strong work ethic isn’t “single-minded”.

Struggling with adversity isn’t “weak”.

Being optimistic isn’t “unrealistic”.

Wanting to love is not “foolish”.

Wanting to be loved is not “selfish”.

And being “you” is always better than being what “everyone” else says you are. You were deemed “priceless” the moment you were created, and nobody on this planet has the authority to take that away. Sometimes it is hard to see that when we’re in the middle of the storm where the world tells us who they think we are. But if you’re reading these words, let the winds calm for a few minutes to hear the list above. And if you can’t hear that yet, at least hear this:

You are absolutely (without hesitation, without doubt, without condition) created for and WORTHY of being LOVED.

Thank you for being you.

Here’s to your Visionary Life,

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